Pre-K Game Pack #2 (Ages 4-6)

Do your kids love solving puzzles, cracking codes, and finding surprises? If so, then they will love our Kindergarten Prep Game Packs! With minimal setup for busy parents, kids learn math and literacy skills through fun, hands-on learning games.

We designed the games based on the California Preschool Learning Foundations curriculum. Kids practice both reading and math skills meeting many Pre-K Curriculum standards. When used with our lockable Game Kit, learning turns into a mystery challenge that has kids begging for more!

Pre-K Brain Game Pack 2

The skills in the Kindergarten Prep packs spiral throughout. That means that we will introduce skills in earlier games, but similar skills will be reviewed throughout. This ensures your child will get the opportunity to practice the skill a variety of times and eventually master it.

We recommend that most kids (even older children) start with K-Prep Game Pack #1 because it builds foundational skills that will be repeated throughout the games.

Why the games are awesome!

After playing our games, your child will have a deeper understanding of the foundational math and reading skills needed to be successful in school. Additionally, they will learn critical thinking skills such as problem-solving and analyzing data.

When played using the Game Kit, the games become self-checking. You do not need to tell your child if he made a mistake. Instead, they enter a code into the lock. If it is correct, it will open. If it is wrong, the lock will stay locked. Kids learn to check and review their work on their own!

Math and Reading Skills Included:

Math skills:

  • One-to-one number correspondence
  • Shape recognition
  • Number order
  • Sequencing numbers
  • Counting dots, pictures, shapes, and coins
  • Counting objects to 12
  • Combine different shapes to create a picture

Reading and Writing skills:

  • Matching lowercase to uppercase letters
  • Reading number words (ie. one, two, three)
  • Pre-K Dolch sight words
  • Letter recognition
  • Alphabetical order


Wondering if the Kindergarten Prep Game Pack #2 is the right level for your child? Check out some of the sample skill tasks.

Kindergarten Prep Game Pack #2 Sample Skill Tasks:

Sample Tasks from Pre-K Game Pack 1
Pre-K Game Pack 2PreK game pack 2PreK game pack 2PreK game pack 2PreK game pack 2
Sample Game tasks

Pre-K Dolch Sight Words Included:

  • black
  • red
  • green
  • yellow
  • one
  • two
  • three
  • and
  • up
  • big
  • it
  • away
  • said
  • the
  • ran
  • down
  • make
  • where
  • see
  • six
  • four
  • ten
  • blue

Who is this game pack for?

This game pack is perfect for preschoolers who need an extra challenge or Kindergarteners who need to review basic skills. It is guaranteed to be a fun learning experience for your inquisitive kid.

Girl playing a Blimey box game

We highly recommend our games be used with our Blimey Box game kit as it offers all the locks and equipment needed to have a truly hands-on learning experience. The hands-on game kit is meant to be used with all the Blimey Box Brain Games. It is a one-time purchase that can bring hours of fun! You can shop the Blimey Box Game Kit here.

Are you bored with traditional "drill-and-kill" workbooks and repetitive worksheets?

Does the idea of using flashcards for sight word practice make you cringe?

Are learning apps turning your child into a screen-obsessed zombie?

Then, you (and your child) will fall in love with Blimey Box Brain Games!

Check out Blimey Box Brain Games!

Looking to reduce screen time? Blimey Box Brain games are designed by a teacher and an attorney to teach your bright and gifted child critical thinking and problem-solving skills through fun, hands-on games. You'll help your kids get smarter and they will beg you to learn!

Now you can feel confident knowing your kids are off-screen and learning important life skills such as problem-solving, spatial reasoning, and concentration. 

What to see what everyone is talking about? Download a FREE GAME and try it yourself.

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