3 Activities to Give Parents More Free Time

So, I previously mentioned how I like coming up with creative ways to make Blimey Box games take longer. We are always trying to find more time for parents, and these extending activities do just that! Now I have more time to enjoy my beer in peace and quiet. And my kid is engaged in a screen-free learning activity. #dadwin

Extend the Blimey Box Fun = more free time for parents

After all, if your kid is playing with the Blimey Box at least he or she isn’t robbing a bank somewhere!


Although I haven’t incorporated too many mazes into our puzzles yet, I find that even a simple maze can be tricky for kids to navigate. Luckily, it still keeps them interested. You can find free maze templates to print out here. Or pay for some age-based mazes here. You could even make your own mazes here.


Plus, mazes help kids improve their pencil grip and fine motor skills as they try and stay in the lines. Dump a maze on them with a promise that you’ll give them a clue or a key if they get it right and you just bought yourself enough time to go to the bathroom in peace!

Hidden Picture Puzzles

Sometimes, I make my kid complete one of these before he receives a key or clue to the next puzzle. We subscribe to Highlights so I just cut them out of there. You can get a bunch here for $20 or for free here.

Highlights magazine has some reasons why these hidden puzzles are good for kids. The main one that I agree with is that they are “challenging, but not to the point of frustration.” This is the constant balance I’m working on for in the puzzles we create at Blimey Box.

Alpha Bots  

If you’re a kid who grew up loving Transformers (like me) then I think you’ll find these letters that transform into robots to be really cool. Alpha Bots are fun, hands-on learning toys a.k.a. "Letter Transformers." 

To incorporate them into a game, I will simply grab the letters I need for a letter lock code and then transform them into robots and hide them around the house. The kids have to find them and transform them back into letters to solve the clue which definitely stretches out the fun.

I hope some of these ideas get you the extra time you need so that you can clean the garage or tackle the million other things that pile up while our kids demand our attention!

If you have any other ideas, we’d love to hear from you! Share your creative ways of finding more time for parents.

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