3 Ways to make our escape room games last longer

3 Bonus Learning LockBox Activities

Even though Blimey Box Escape room games are awesomely fun and academically engaging for kids, it doesn’t mean you can’t change it up every now and again.

Here are three bonus Blimey Box activities to incorporate into your games (to make them last longer). These are simple ways you can add a new twist to the Blimey Box escape room games.

Additionally, I know some of you are like me and want a little more peace and quiet in the morning to enjoy your coffee and the EPL (Go, Liverpool)!


When possible, I like to stretch out the time it takes my son to solve the Blimey Box and so I wanted to give you some ideas on ways to lengthen the game (and your quiet time).

1 - Jigsaw Puzzles

The first bonus Blimey Box activity is using jigsaw puzzles as a number task. I like to drop a relatively difficult jigsaw puzzle (24 pieces) into the box and simply tape the lock code numbers onto different pieces of the puzzle.

Jigsaw puzzles have the huge benefit of being a quiet activity, but there are also some other less-discussed benefits for a child’s concentration, memory, and logical thinking skills.

Kids working on a jigsaw puzzle collaboratively.

I’ve found this stretches out the time to solve the box by at least another 10 minutes which is huge when you’re trying to get breakfast finished in the morning.

For those of you interested in some cheap puzzles to do the same, I’ve included some links here, here and here. Or you can grab them at the dollar store too.

2 - Extend Key Tasks

Secondly, I sometimes simply hide the key and offer a “clue” to find it somewhere around the house. This bonus Learning LockBox activity is a simple, but easy way to get an extra couple minutes from the game. It also gives my son a brain and movement break from all the thinking tasks.

I’ll admit it’s only going to net you about 3 minutes. Before long, your 5-year-old will come back whining that he “can’t find the key”...but hey, I’ll take it!

3 - Replace Key Task

The good news is, you can have your child complete other tasks to get the clue to the key and suddenly homework is fun!

For instance, our son has some difficulty with fine motor skills. He struggles with writing his letters so we make him write out his name a few times or do a worksheet of letters in order to obtain the key.

This could be sight word practice, a worksheet from school, or another less-desirable activity (cleaning his room). At an early age, when getting them to practice writing letters is a pain, this has worked wonders in our house.

You could also throw some kind of picture to color (if your kid has the fine motor skills of a walrus, like ours) or use another workbook sheet that is age-appropriate. Earning a key makes everything more fun!

Check back in for other suggestions on tasks to keep your kids playing with their Blimey Box longer so that you can take a shower by yourself for once!

Or if you have any ideas, we’d love if you shared them in the comments!

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