Learning Digital Escape Games for Kids

What are Learning Digital Escape Games?

The digital version of our math and reading escape games are the same great problem-solving and critical thinking puzzles, but in a digital form. 

The digital escape games are accessed online. Instead of locks and boxes (like the game kit), the digital tasks require codes to be entered correctly online. When a child enters the correct code, she is able to "unlock" the next task.  After kids solve all four learning tasks correctly, they unlock the final "treasure."

What are digital escape games?

Additionally, the digital escape games include printable PDF's of each of the digital game tasks so kids can put pencil to paper when problem-solving.

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Check out our games in action:

Why parents and teachers love our digital games:

✔️ Save time: Now our games can take as little time as clicking on a link to get started. We do recommend printing out the PDFs of the tasks to accompany the digital game. The power of putting pencil to paper allows for increased brain connections and less screen time. However, this is not necessary. The digital game, a pencil and paper are all your little one needs to get started. 

✔️ Promotes Independent Learning: the digital games are self checking - just like our locks! If a child enters a code incorrectly, it will not unlock the next task. Your child will need to review her work and find her mistake in order to move forward. 

✔️ No lockbox, no problem! With the digital games, parents don’t need to set and reset locks. No more worrying about getting locked out of your box. Now kids enter the secret codes digitally on the Google Form Game to unlock the next learning task.

✔️ Use on any device with internet access. iPhone, iPad, tablet, laptop, computer. The digital games use Google Forms, so you can access it on any device. As long as you can be on the internet, you can play our digital games.

✔️ Kids love it! There is so much power behind the mystery and excitement of solving brain-challenging puzzles to find secret codes. Kids still get the satisfaction of problem-solving, entering in the secret codes, and unlocking the next task. When kids love learning, it makes a parent’s job easier.

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How to play our Digital Escape Games

The Simple Way:

  • Step 1: Open the link to the Digital Escape Game. Children must solve each puzzle and enter the code correctly to be shown the next task. Once all tasks are completed correctly, they unlock the treasure chest!
  • Step 2: (Optional) Celebrate your child’s success. Give your child a small treat or “treasure” for their hard work.

The Recommended Way:

  • Step 1: Print and cut the game tasks. Print the PDF tasks that accompany the Digital Game. (We recommend printing enough tasks for each child playing to have their own task to write on). Cut apart Tasks. 
  • Step 2: Put tasks in envelops. Place Tasks 2, 3, 4 (and sometimes the key task) in its own envelope labeled: Task 2, Task 3, Task 4, (and Key Task or Task 5). Put Task 2 in the envelope labeled: Task 2, place Task 3 in the envelope labed Task 3, and so on. Hide or place the envelopes around the room for kids to access when they the next task. (If you hide them, make sure you write down where)!

Paper tasks for digital escape games

  • Step 3: Give your child Task 1. Give you child (or each child in a small group) Task 1 to complete. They will need to complete Task 1 and enter the 3-Digit Number code on the Google Form correctly in order to access Task 2. Once they unlock Task 2 on the Digital Game, they can get the paper copy out of the Task 2 envelope to work on.
  • Step 4: Click on the link to access the digital game. Use a device connected to the internet (ie. Smart phone, tablet, computer) in order to access the digital game.
  • Step 5: (Optional) Celebrate your child’s success. Give your child a small treat or “treasure” for their hard work.

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