Pre-K Treasure Hunt Escape Game (FREE Printable)

Curious about Blimey Box Treasure Hunt Escape Games for kids and all the awesomeness you have been hearing about?

Kindergarten prep brain game a freebie printable download

Well, we want to show you! Let’s take a deep dive into some of the skills you might find in our Kindergarten Prep Brain Games for kids ages 4-6.

Click Here to download the Free Game

To download a free sample copy of our Pre-K Printable Escape Room Game for kids, click the link below.

Our Pre-K Escape Room Game Kit comes with 30 printable escape room games and the locking escape room kit.

Each game has five learning tasks that kids solve to unlock the locks.

Targeted Learning Skills for the Pre-K Escape Room Game

Most tasks usually require kids to practice more than one learning skill.

We want kids to analyze information and make guesses as to what they are supposed to do. These are the leaps that we want kids to make on their own.

Instructions Page for Brain Game

Every game includes:

  • Answer Key
  • Step-by-step directions for setting up the game.

Check out the video on how to set up this game with the Locking Escape Room Game Kit:

Task 1

Blimey Box Free Game Task 1

Task 1:

  • 3-digit Code
  • Sight Word: THE

This hands-on activity makes sight word practice interactive and fun. 

Additionally, this task includes fine-motor practice. Children must cut out the letters and place them in the correct order.

Task 2

Blimey Box Free Game Task 2

Task 2:

  • 4-Digit Code
  • 1-to-1 number correspondence with counting
  • addition concepts
  • visual number pattern recognition
  • fine motor practice: cutting

Many of our games use dice, dominos, and playing cards because we want kids to learn the common visual representation of numbers.

We want kids to begin recognizing patterns in math.

Try the free game!

Task 3

Blimey Box Free game Task 3

Task 3

  • 5-Digit Letter Code
  • Patterning
  • letter practice

Children figure out the pattern to determine the next letter/shape in the pattern.

If your child is overwhelmed by the number of shapes and letters on the page, you can use pieces of paper to cover up the other rows.

Task 4

Blimey Box Free Game Task 4

Task 4:

  • introduction to addition concepts
  • addition symbol and equal sign and start to learn that addition is putting two numbers together to get a total number.

Key Task

Blimey Box Free Game Key Task

Key Task:

Once the child completes this task correctly, you can give your child the key to open the final treasure box.

You can hide the key (for fun and an extra element of surprise) or simply give it to your child once they have completed the task.

  • Pre-Primer Dolch Sight Words

Click Here to Access the Freebie!

Benefits to Blimey Box Brain Games for Kids

We suggest using our Blimey Box Game Kit to play all our Brain Games. It makes learning more interactive and fun, and it is a way for kids to self-check their answers.

Additionally, as children unlock each lock, they experience small successes which motivates them to keep going.

Blimey Box Brain games are designed and created by an elementary teacher and an attorney (who loved LSAT puzzles).

Games are carefully created to give your child a fun, yet challenging learning experience (that is often addicting). Don’t get mad at us if your child is asking for these almost daily! You will find that your child is begging you to learn! 

Go ahead and give it a try.

Are your kids ready for a learning adventure? Check out our Treasure Hunt Games:


Shop our Treasure Hunts

Escape Room Game Kits:

Check out our escape room games and our locking escape room kit! Kids love the thrill of solving math, reading, and logic puzzles to get codes to unlock a final treasure. Make learning an exciting adventure!

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