Our Favorite Educational iPad Game

Just because we’re promoting a screen-free alternative to keeping your kids entertained doesn’t mean that we don’t give in to the occasional cartoon or iPad game here and there. In fact, I have my Masters of Science in Instructional Media, so I am a big fan of educational technology.

I have to admit that I loved my GameBoy as a kid! It was so fun, so I completely understand why kids would enjoy playing iPad games.


However, I do believe in finding a balance between screen-time and hands-on learning.

And with that in mind, one educational iPad game that our son loves (and we highly recommend) is the Osmo. Their motto is “Play Beyond the Screen,” and they truly do this.

Boy on iPad

This game has a “reflector” piece that you can put on your iPad that “sees” the information your child is putting in front of the screen.

There are a variety of different games including numbers, letters, tangrams, drawing, even coding. Which means your child is using both “hands-on” manipulatives and a technology device.

Our son is currently only old enough to manage the math and tangram games. However, they definitely keep him entertained! He wants to do the letter game, but it is a little too difficult for him right now. We keep reminding our son to have a Growth Mindset and that he doesn't know how to do the letter game, YET.

The Ozmo lets me feel a little less guilty when I’m trying to sip a beer at the brewery while other “judgy” parents are looking at me!

It prices at $80-$100 and it is worth every penny. This game manages to keep our son’s interest and frustrate him at the same time (which means he’s learning something). This is a great combination hands-on and tech tool for learning. Keep it in mind with Christmas or birthday around the corner.

What is your favorite educational iPad Game? Please share it with us in the comments!

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