Riddles for Kids - good for brain growth

Strangely, I can recall re-telling the first riddle I ever heard over and over. (“What’s black and white and red all over?” which, in hindsight, is more of a verbal riddle than a written one)!

Riddles for kids. Good for young brains.

Mostly though, I find riddles to be perplexing. Usually, the answer is obvious, but until I hear it, I’m completely in the dark. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t experience a quick shot of euphoria when I have that moment where the light bulb goes off before everyone else around me.

With that in mind, I occasionally look around for riddles for kids to see if my son can pick up on them. (Plus, I feel smart because I can actually get them right sometimes)!

Riddles Help Your Brain

Riddles are good for us (and may allow us to “rewire” or “change” our brains). Puzzles, riddles, and Sudoku are known to increase neuroplasticity and can actually make you smarter.  Additionally, higher neuroplasticity can lead to less anxiety and an ability to learn faster.


So, it can’t hurt to bounce a few “easy” ones off of your kid to see what kind of answers they come up with.

A Few Riddles for Kids

Here are a few riddles I tried with our 5-year-old below.

  • Which letter of the alphabet has the most water? The C.
  • What is as big as you are and yet doesn’t weigh anything? Your shadow
  • You can hold it without using your hands or arms. What is it? Your breath
  • A child throws a ball as hard as he can, but it comes back to him even though nothing and no one touches it. How? He threw it straight up in the air
  • What invention lets you look right through a wall? A window


If you see a spark of interest with your own child, you can find riddles everywhere online. The most important thing is to throw twists and turns at your kid regularly because that’s what life does. And just think, a fun riddle or puzzle you work on with your child is probably making him or her smarter! Parent win!

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