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Story Math Bundle

We recently put together a bundle of Addition and Subtraction Story Math Problems (with number options for Kindergarten - 2nd grade). It is in Google Slides and it's editable (pick your own numbers or add your child's name). What is Story Math? Story Math makes math meaningful. It puts math in a familiar context that children can naturally figure out. Instead of having your child practice math by doing a worksheet with a bunch of addition and subtraction math problems (that have no real-world context), we use Story Math to bring mathematical problems to life!  Story Math takes math problems (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) and puts them into the context of a story. Through the story, children are able to use their knowledge to figure...

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Spring Secret Message Math (3 Levels)

Today we have a Secret Message Math activity for your smarty to decode. During this printable activity, kids solve a series of math tasks to decode a secret message (that is actually the answer to a silly spring joke). It's corny, but fun. We also wanted to include more kids in the learning fun, so we made this math activity for kids in three different learning levels.    So choose the best level for your kiddo, print, and solve. Hopefully, it will buy you some time (to shower, enjoy coffee, or have a quiet Zoom meeting)! Click Here to access the Free Printable Math Activity. Tips for the Secret Message Math Puzzle  This secret message math puzzle covers a wide range of math...

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Lucky Shamrock Treasure Hunt

Now that we are homeschooling and confined to our house, we are in desperate need of fun learning activities for the kids! That's why we created this LUCKY SHAMROCK TREASURE HUNT.   It's time to get creative!   Jason was inspired last night and decided to create a St. Patrick's Day Treasure hunt. He literally JUST created it. It is a treasure hunt that does NOT require a Blimey Box Locking Game Kit and it keeps kids busy, having fun, and learning for about 40 minutes. BUY THE PRINTABLE TREASURE HUNT  Check out pix from the hunt! Here is the Introduction clue that you give to your child. They must figure out where the first clue is hidden based on this clue.  Clue #1...

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St. Patrick's Day Brain Game for kids

Here at the Ebert house, we are getting in the mood for March with this lucky St. Patrick's Day Brain Game! We love St. Patrick's Day (especially Jason since his middle name is Patrick)! Also, there is something fun about leprechauns, 4-leaf clovers, and green beer (although there is no beer in this resource)!   Targeted Skills: Problem-solving, Addition, Subtraction, Patterning, Counting by 2's and Phonics  This St. Patrick's Day game is a fun learning game that goes with our Blimey Box Lockbox Game Kit. The puzzles encourage kids to think flexibly and problem solve.  If your child doesn't know how to begin, guide them with questions, but please don't tell them what they need to do! Part of the game is having...

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Story Math - Helping Kids Solve Complex Math Problems

Even young kids are capable of higher-level thinking with math, but we need to give them time, tools, and opportunities! Story Math allows kids to solve math problems based on real-world applications. No longer is math an isolated procedure to follow or arbitrary numbers to solve. Now math is put within the context of a story and kids use their innate problem-solving abilities to figure them out using strategies that are meaningful to them. Story Math Problem to Solve: For Halloween, Benson and Brewer carved jack-o-lanterns. Benson carved 37 jack-o-lanterns. Brewer also carved a bunch of jack-o-lanterns. When they were done, they had 55 jack-o-lanterns all together. How many jack-o-lanterns did Brewer carve? This type of Cognitive Guided Instruction math...

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