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Valentine's Day Kindergarten & 1st Grade Math and Reading Game

Today we are getting in the mood for candy hearts with our Valentine's Day Math and Reading Game for Kindergarten and First-grade.  Targeted Skills: Addition, Subtraction, reading words, sentence building, and punctuation This Valentine's Day learning game encourages problem-solving with Kindergarten and First-Grade math and reading skills. Many of the tasks require kids to use a variety of skills to solve the task. For instance, in our first task, kids practice counting objects in random order, addition, and subtraction skills. ACCESS THE FREE GAME Here is a quick overview of the 5 Tasks: Task 1: Addition & Subtraction  Kids must count objects scattered about the task. Based on the object counted they must solve the given addition or subtraction problem. The sums and differences...

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Christmas Algebra Activity (Kindergarten and First Grade Math)

Happy Friday! If you are anything like us, you are still scrambling around to get ready for the holidays! They are coming fast and furious. To buy you a little time, we have a Christmas algebra printable activity that will get your child thinking, problem-solving, and out of your hair!  FRIDAY FREEBIE Weekly Targeted Skill: Algebra Problem Solving This Holiday-themed algebra activity helps kids to look for patterns and to think flexibly about numbers. If your child gets stuck, here are a couple of tips for helping him be successful with the picture algebra problems: Help them understand that the same pictures are worth the same amount (i.e. the candy canes all have the same value, the stockings all have the...

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Christmas Brain Game Freebie (Reading & Math Enrichment) Ages 5-7

I'm in the holiday spirit and I love to bring holiday joy to learning. Turn on some Christmas tunes and check out this Free enrichment game for kids ages 5-7. This Christmas game has 5 different ways to challenge your child's thinking! Our Cheery Christmas Free Game is here for you! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FREE CHRISTMAS GAME! Our Christmas Brain Game includes both reading and math enrichment activities. Let’s take a deep dive into some of the skills you’ll find in our free Cheery Christmas enrichment game for kids ages 5-7. If you have downloaded any of our other free Seasonal Games like our Spring, Halloween, or Thanksgiving Game, you will find that this one is a little more challenging. All our brain games are best...

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