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Football Secret Message Puzzle - Superbowl LIV

We're getting excited about Super Bowl at our house! Although, to be honest, we don't really care about either team in it. However, we do care about the appetizers and all the commercials!  Last night we were inspired to get in the Super Bowl spirit, so we created a football-themed secret message puzzle. We stayed up late working on it, so hopefully, your little one enjoys it! Don't worry, there is nothing specific to the 49ers or Chiefs in this puzzle game (unless your child wants to pick a winner by doing the extra credit puzzle)!  Even if your house supports the Buffalo Bills (and doesn't care about the 49ers or Chiefs), your kids will enjoy this brain puzzle!  This Football Secret...

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Valentine's Day Kindergarten & 1st Grade Math and Reading Game

Today we are getting in the mood for candy hearts with our Valentine's Day Math and Reading Game for Kindergarten and First-grade.  Targeted Skills: Addition, Subtraction, reading words, sentence building, and punctuation This Valentine's Day learning game encourages problem-solving with Kindergarten and First-Grade math and reading skills. Many of the tasks require kids to use a variety of skills to solve the task. For instance, in our first task, kids practice counting objects in random order, addition, and subtraction skills. ACCESS THE FREE GAME Here is a quick overview of the 5 Tasks: Task 1: Addition & Subtraction  Kids must count objects scattered about the task. Based on the object counted they must solve the given addition or subtraction problem. The sums and differences...

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Spring Theme Math and Reading Game for Kids (4-6) Free Printable

Spring is in full bloom and so it’s time to grab another free printable download! Help your child learn and practice some kindergarten basics with this SPRING GAME FREE DOWNLOAD! Dude, sit back and check it out! Let’s take a deep dive into some of the skills you’ll find in our Spring theme brain game for kids. First of all, who is this game for? Are you wondering if this game will be good for you and your little one? Well, we designed our games for kids looking for a challenge as they prepare for kindergarten. Additionally, it's perfect for kindergarten kids who want to review and practice kindergarten skills. This Spring themed brain game covers a variety of kindergarten...

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