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How to help your child beat boredom!

As a parent, I’m blessed to have far more time to spend with my kids than my parents ever had available to spend with me. My parents each worked standard 40-hour jobs during the week and I was on a “year-round” schedule for school. During our breaks from school, we had free run of the neighborhood from the 4th grade onward. (My parents would be arrested now for allowing us so much freedom)! But, one thing that’s never bothered me as a parent is feeling guilty about my kids being “bored.” And those of you who do feel bad can now rejoice because at least one doctor says boredom is good for kids. So unplug your kids and make them...

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Raising Free-Range Kids

If you grew up as a kid in the 80s and early 90s, it’s easy to think of young kids having free reign of the neighborhood with few rules to guide their activities. When we were growing up, we had the ability to roam, explore and basically be free-range kids. I believe this freedom fosters independence and problem-solving which enables kids to feel confident when presented with new situations later in life. Independence Develops Problem-Solving Skills As a kid, I remember arguments about Wiffle Ball games, out-of-bounds in pickup soccer matches, and pass interference in football games at my nearby park with my buddies. I don’t know that arguing about amateur sports is worthwhile, but we did have to solve...

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How to develop a growth mindset in your child

Since becoming a parent, I’ve tried to read up on whatever parenting information I can get my hands on. As we all know, kids don’t come with an owner’s manual! And trying to figure out what to do as a parent is sadly often based on a comparison. We often compare ourselves to other parents who are also just “faking it to make it.” But, I lucked out when I picked up the book “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” while I was on vacation. I was turned on to the idea of promoting a “growth mindset” with my kids.   Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset "Fixed mindset" — those who believe that abilities are fixed "Growth mindset” — those...

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