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5 Problem-solving activities kids can do at home

We love encouraging creative problem-solving in our kids. Here are some play-based activities kids can do at home to build problem-solving skills. Our kids are not confronted with too many hurdles at a young age.  However, we believe that play is important to inspire creative problem-solving in your little one. But, learning can get boring at times unless you change it up. So, we incorporate creative problem-solving elements into standard games and toys around the house. This can be a fun way to stimulate a child’s imagination and promote problem-solving skills without a child even realizing it. Here are some play-based activities that are tweaks on traditional toys or games. 1. Treasure hunts I loved treasure hunts as a kid. Running around trying...

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How to Teach Your Child Problem-Solving Skills at home

All parents worry about the idea of their children navigating the world on their own. And, nowadays, you probably have a harder time teaching your kids how to solve problems effectively. It can be difficult to build problem-solving skills in your child when there is little opportunity for her to struggle or practice independent play. In prior generations, children were all over the neighborhood playing (without parents). In doing so, they learned about how to interact with others and figure things out. Now, information is available at the push of a button. However, kids still don’t have much practice putting their judgment to use. After all, rather than sending them out into the world to play with other kids and...

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How to develop a growth mindset in your child

Since becoming a parent, I’ve tried to read up on whatever parenting information I can get my hands on. As we all know, kids don’t come with an owner’s manual! And trying to figure out what to do as a parent is sadly often based on a comparison. We often compare ourselves to other parents who are also just “faking it to make it.” But, I lucked out when I picked up the book “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” while I was on vacation. I was turned on to the idea of promoting a “growth mindset” with my kids.   Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset "Fixed mindset" — those who believe that abilities are fixed "Growth mindset” — those...

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