Privateer 30 Pack of Games (Ages 5-6)
Privateer 30 Pack of Games (Ages 5-6)
Privateer 30 Pack of Games (Ages 5-6)
Privateer 30 Pack of Games (Ages 5-6)
Privateer 30 Pack of Games (Ages 5-6)

Privateer 30 Pack of Games (Ages 5-6)

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Privateer Game Pack - (30 Downloadable Games)

  • Recommended Ages: 5-6
  • Gameplay: 25-45 minutes (per game)
  • 30 printable games

*These game packs are included in the Privateer Escape Room Game Kit 

Blimey Box Brain Games are learning escape room/treasure hunt style games for brainy kids. 

What's Included:

  • 30 Printable Games (5 learning tasks/puzzles to solve for each game)
  • All games can be used with our resettable Locking Treasure Hunt Escape Game Kit.
  • Answer Keys
  • Set-up Instructions
  • Printable coupons

***This 30 Game Pack is an ebook (PDF download) and does not come with the physical game kit.***

The games are enjoyed best with the Blimey Box Game Kit (the resettable treasure hunt escape game kit) for a hands-on learning experience.

Learning skills included:

  • Math Skills Included: 
    • Counting by 2's
    • Counting objects in random order
    • Sequencing numbers to 100
    • Reading a graph
    • Tally marks
    • Subtraction with pictures
    • Addition with pictures
    • Addition without pictures
    • Find the number that makes ten
    • and more!


  • Reading Skills Included: 
    • Kindergarten Dolch sight words
    • Phonics: Beginning letter sounds
    • Phonics: Ending letter sounds
    • Phonics: middle letter sounds
    • Reading simple sentences
    • Matching lowercase to uppercase letters

How to Play

  • Print PDF Game
  • Follow instructions to set locks on our Locking Treasure Hunt Escape Game Kit
  • Give kids the locked box to open
  • Kids must solve the puzzles to get secret codes to unlock the locks.
  • Kids ultimately unlock a treasure box with a secret treasure (that you supply)

Our Privateer Games spiral review Kindergarten academic skills.

Did you know?

Research suggests early math skills are the best predictor of academic success, followed by early reading and attention skills.

Our games develop mathematical reasoning and critical thinking skills that are important to achieving academic and lifelong success.

They can't do it without you...

Don’t forget that at the heart of education at all levels is the parent.

You are your child’s greatest teacher.

You can help your child to develop superior real-world thinking and problem-solving skills and we can help you do it.

Prepare your child for academic success and help your kids LOVE learning with Blimey Box Brain Games.


  • Foundational Reading and Math Skills
  • Creative Problem-Solving 
  • Critical Thinking
  • Perseverance
  • Growth Mindset
  • Logical Reasoning
  • And a whole lot of fun!

Additional Requirements:

This game pack is a PDF download and does not come with the lockable treasure hunt escape game kit.

The lockable treasure hunt escape game kit has everything you need to play all our brain games (locks, boxes, and hands-on learning fun). Get ready to instill a love of learning in your little one while teaching them to be an outside-the-box thinker.

To enjoy the full benefit and experience of our games, we recommend using our Blimey Box Game Kit