Party Mystery Games (ages 7-13)

What is the Themed Mystery Games Party Kit?

Escape Rooms are popular party games for adventure-seeking kids and tweens. Now, we bring the excitement to your home with our themed mystery game party kit.

Our unique locked-up mystery solving games are designed to be set up with our portable and reusable Lockbox Game Kit. Locking boxes and real locks entice players to find clues and solve puzzles to unlock the final treasure.

Unlike traditional escape rooms, our mystery games can be played anywhere and don't require a time limit. Instead, players get the freedom to play the game wherever their adventure awaits and solve puzzles at their own pace. 

What's included in the Themed Mystery Game Party Kit?

  • Portable and durable Lockbox Kit¬†- 5 real locks, 2 locking boxes, 1 locking bag, and an invisible ink pen and black light. The Lockbox Kit transforms our¬†printable¬†mystery games into¬†an entertaining and realistic adventure.¬†Everything you need to play the games is included inside the outer box making¬†it easy to take and play anywhere.
  • 2 Printable themed¬†mystery games - family game night, birthday parties, playdates, or just for fun, our themed¬†mystery games make any party or afternoon memorable! All printable games are designed to be set up with the lockbox kit for maximum fun!
  • 2 Levels of¬†printable games - each printable game includes two levels of difficulty. Level 1 (Kids) for ages 7-9, while Level 2 (Tweens) for ages 10-13.
  • Detailed instructions for game setup - our games are designed for maximum enjoyment and minimal setup. Instructions walk you through resetting the locks and placing clues inside the Lockbox kit.
  • Game Walk Through -¬†mystery games can be tricking and require thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving. We show you exactly how the games should be played in case anyone needs help.

Themed Games

    1. The Legend of Blimey Bloke: A Pirate Treasure Hunt (Arrives already set up with the Lockbox game kit)
    2. The Lost City of Gold: An Archeological Adventure (printable game)
    3. Mysterious Mansion: A Haunted House Exploration (printable game)

    How the games work 

    1. Print a themed game
    2. Follow detailed directions to set up the puzzles with the lockbox game kit
    3. Players work independently or collaboratively, solving puzzles and opening locks until the final treasure is reached.  

    What to expect when the Party Game Kit arrives? 

    Our Party Pack arrives locked in the Legend of Blimey Bloke: Pirate treasure hunt themed game. When you open the box, you will find the locked Lockbox Kit, the first clues to solve to open the first lock, as well as some informational papers for the Game Master (or parent). Basically, some of the information included is for the person who will be setting up future games. 

    Be sure to check out the information cards, as they have important information with tips to not get locked out of your lockbox kit and how to reset the locks back to zero after this first game. Keeping the locks set at zero will help you be able to reset the locks faster when you are ready to set up your next escape game.

    When you purchase a Party Game Kit, you will also get 2 themed printable mystery games that you will be able to set up with the Lockbox game kit. Choose the theme and the right level for your players, print, and set up with the box. Now the party adventure begins! Don't be surprised if they beg you for more!! 

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