Themed Escape Games (Printable)

Already have the Blimey Box Game Kit, but want a fun, themed printable game to set up for your next party?

We've got some awesomely fun themed games for you! 

👑 The Lost City of Gold - An Indiana Jones-style escape game leads players on a mystery-solving adventure to find the Lost City of Gold. 

🗝 Mysterious Mansion - Are the rumors true? Is there really a secret treasure hidden inside the old mansion on the hill? It will take brave treasure-hunters to uncover this mystery.

🧚‍♀️ Mythical Creatures Quest (Coming Soon) - Players go on a quest to help the fairy princess get all her stolen items back from the evil sorcerer. Along the way, they will meet shady gnomes, encounter trickster leprechauns, and defeat a grumpy troll.

If you already have the Blimey Box locking game kit, these games are a fun addition!

*However, if you don't have the locking game kit, check out our Party Pack which includes all of these themed escape games along with the portable locks and boxes.

Blimey Box

Lost City of Gold Adventure Game | Printable Mystery Game ages 7-13

Blimey Box

Mystery Mansion Themed Game | Printable Mystery Game | Ages 7-13