Fairy Princess Treasure Hunt | Escape Game for kids | Printable Treasure Hunt

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Looking for a fun, family-friendly adventure at home? Let our printable fairy princess treasure hunt games get your kids off screens, moving around, thinking critically, and working together. Our printable treasure hunt game is a fun at-home activity for kids.

Ages: Kids ages 6-10
GamePlay: 20-60 minutes
Up to 4 players
PDF Printable Game (Access to download immediately after purchase)

This fairy princess quest game is a hybrid between a treasure hunt and an escape room game for kids.

Children work to solve riddles and clues that send them to the next clue. After decoding the final clue, kids discover the location of the final treasure.

Get kids thinking, having fun, and moving with this fun treasure hunt.
The Fairy Princess awoke from a deep slumber and learned she had transformed into a regular little girl! She could not remember her name or where she put her magical things. It turns out, an Evil Sorcerer had put a spell on her and hidden her powerful items while she slept. The Evil Sorcerer wanted to destroy the mythical world of Hollandale, but didn’t want the Fairy Princess stopping him. The princess needs your help in finding her magical things before time runs out!

(Printer-friendly and graphic versions included)
Places clues are hidden:
- Tree
- Oven
- Bathtub
- Freezer
- Under a chair
Our treasure hunt adventures give kids 20-60 minutes of learning fun, based on players’ experience, skill, age, and group size. Hide clues around the house (both inside and out) and kids must solve riddles and puzzles to find the next clue.
Ages: 6-10
Younger kids can definitely enjoy the fun, however, they will need more support to complete the puzzles. Additionally, older kids also enjoy these treasure hunt games.
Number of Players: We recommend our games be played individually, with a partner, or up to 4 players. These games are fun for the whole family to play at home (and a chance for siblings to work together).
Set-up We provided two different versions of this treasure hunt game (printer-friendly and graphic). Print the provided PDF documents, cut out, and follow the directions to hide the clues. We include directions and an answer key explaining exactly how to set-up the game and hide the clues.

Customer Reviews

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Great Activity

This game is so fun for everyone! It is so much fun picking out the treasure hunt and hiding the clues and also watching the excitement on the kids' faces as they do the hunt. Easy to use.

Therese Konkel
Graddaughters loved it!

Did this with my granddaughters and bought each of the item for them to dress up as they went along. They loved it and wanted to do more! Well done on the product!