GIFT PACK: Scallywag Educational Escape Games (Ages 5-6)

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GIFT PACK: Scallywag Escape Games (Ages 5-6)

Give the gift of learning fun! 

Who doesn’t like getting a present, especially one that offers fun and learning? With the Scallywag Escape Game Kit from Blimey Box, kids ages 5-6 can enjoy 30-45 minutes of academic adventure; all during the school break or after school!

🎁 Included in our SCALLYWAG Gift Pack:

  • BLIMEY BOX ESCAPE GAME KIT - These are the resettable locks and locking boxes that make our learning escape games engaging and hands-on for kids. Children must use their critical thinking skills to solve the brain puzzles and unlock the 5 locks and open a final treasure chest.


  • 45 LEARNING ESCAPE GAMES - This is a perfect gift for kids who love to learn and have fun. Our games at this level are designed to build strong math number sense and develop early reading skills. Your child does NOT need to be able to read in order to enjoy playing our games. Each game comes with an answer key and set up instructions. Games are appropriate for kids getting ready to enter Kindergarten through first grade.


  • 3 PACKS OF GAMES - Each pack contains 15 escape games to set up with the game kit. There are 45 total games in this gift set (over 200 total pages).

  • ACCESS TO OUR ONLINE ESCAPE GAME LEARNING LIBRARY WITH OVER 135 PRINTABLE GAMES - Our online library has over 135 printable escape game puzzles that can be downloaded instantly. These printable escape games make great educational gifts for kids ages 5-9 and can be set up with the Blimey Box Escape Game Kit. The best part is that they can be printed at home on standard 8 1/2" x 11" paper!

🔐 How to Play

  • Follow instructions to set up Blimey Box games
  • Give kids the locked box to open
  • Kids must solve the puzzles to get the secret codes to unlock the locks.
  • After solving 5 tasks, kids unlock a treasure box with a secret treasure (that you supply)

Our Scallywag learning games introduce young learners to a variety of math and reading skills. The recommended ages are 5-6, but to be successful, your child should be able to recognize letters, numbers, and be able to write.

Making a positive impact on early learning... 

Research suggests early math skills are the best predictor of academic success, followed by early reading and attention skills. Our games develop mathematical reasoning and critical thinking skills which are important to achieving academic and lifelong success.

They can't do it without you...

Help children develop superior real-world thinking skills with our educational escape games. Only 40 minutes (1 game) each week will significantly transform your child's thinking!

    You can use the game kit over and over with all our educational escape games!


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