GIFT PACK: Scallywag Educational Escape Games (Ages 5-6)
GIFT PACK: Scallywag Educational Escape Games (Ages 5-6)
GIFT PACK: Scallywag Educational Escape Games (Ages 5-6)
GIFT PACK: Scallywag Educational Escape Games (Ages 5-6)
GIFT PACK: Scallywag Educational Escape Games (Ages 5-6)

GIFT PACK: Scallywag Educational Escape Games (Ages 5-6)

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GIFT PACK: Scallywag Escape Games (Ages 5-6)

Give the gift of learning fun! 

Who doesn’t like getting a present, especially one that offers fun and learning? With the Scallywag Escape Game Kit from Blimey Box, kids ages 5-6 can enjoy 30-45 minutes of academic adventure; all during the school break or after school!

The Scallywag Game kit comes with 45 different games to help kids master Kindergarten and 1st-grade academic skills. Parents will love how easy it is to set up and kids love solving tricky logic puzzles while racing against time. They unlock codes as they work through levels, ultimately unlocking a mystery prize for a job well done!

🎁 What's Included in the Scallyway Gift Pack?

  • Blimey Box Escape Kit (Locks & Boxes)
  • 45 hardcopy educational escape games
  • Over 200 Math and Reading Activities (that challenge young minds)
  • A fun and memorable learning experience!

    🔐 How to Play

    • Follow instructions to set up Blimey Box games
    • Give kids the locked box to open
    • Kids must solve the puzzles to get the secret codes to unlock the locks.
    • After solving 5 tasks, kids unlock a treasure box with a secret treasure (that you supply)

    Click here to download a free sample game.

    Why Kids Love it

    If your 5-6-year-old is obsessed with mystery boxes and solving puzzles then the Scallywag Game Kit is perfect for your curious kid. The anticipation of finding a surprise inside inspires kids to solve complex math and reading challenges.

    Why You'll Love it

    Feel confident you are helping your child:

    • become an outside-the-box thinker

    • enjoy hands-on, play-based learning

    • build early literacy and math skills

    • instill a love of learning

    The Scallywag Gift Pack Includes:

    1) Blimey Box Game Kit (Box & Locks):

    • Portable locking Box with handle
    • Red lockable bag
    • Wooden lockable treasure chest
    • 2 - 3 digit number locks (black & red)
    • 4 digit number lock (red)
    • 5 digit letter lock (red)
    • Key Lock (red)
    • invisible marker with UV Light

    2) 45 Hardcopy Scallywag Educational Escape Games

    • Get all 45 Scallywag escape games all ready printed and ready to start playing right away!
    • Games cover a variety of math and reading skills appropriate for kids ages 5-6 years old.
    • Games get increasingly more difficult as kids build their learning skills!
    • No need to print, just cut, set up, and play!
    • All our games include an answer key and directions for setting up with the escape game kit

      Our Scallywag learning games introduce young learners to a variety of math and reading skills. The recommended ages are 5-6, but to be successful, your child should be able to recognize letters, numbers, and be able to write.

      Making a positive impact on early learning... 

      Research suggests early math skills are the best predictor of academic success, followed by early reading and attention skills. Our games develop mathematical reasoning and critical thinking skills which are important to achieving academic and lifelong success.

      They can't do it without you...

      Help children develop superior real-world thinking skills with our educational escape games. Only 40 minutes (1 game) each week will significantly transform your child's thinking!

        You can use the game kit over and over with all our educational escape games!


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