Mystery Mansion Themed Game | Printable Mystery Game | Ages 7-13

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The Mystery Mansion Themed game is a locked-up mystery-solving game for players to enjoy! They'll have fun exploring clues and solving brain-challenging puzzles in order to find secret codes that unlock real locks. This game is included in our Blimey Box Party Kit and is easily set up with the Lockbox game kit. The Mystery Mansion printable mystery game is perfect for a mystery-themed game night, an intimate birthday party, an afternoon playdate, or a Saturday evening with the family.

*This is the PDF printable game only and does not include a physical lockbox game kit. You can purchase this game (along with two others & the lockbox kit) in our Party Game Kit.


You’ve heard stories about the empty house on the hill, but you’ve always questioned if they were true. Vacant for years, there are rumors that the mansion is haunted.

It definitely seems spooky. But, what if people’s fears were hiding the real story? Recently you’ve heard whispers about a secret treasure hidden somewhere inside. After deciding to investigate, you arrive at the old mansion and find the door slightly ajar. Do you dare go in?


Level 1 (Kids): 7-9 years old

Level 2 (Tweens): 10-13 years old

Play Time: 

1 Hour - 1.5 hours depending on age and skill level

Number of Players: 

2-6 (recommended 2-4)

Type of Game: 

Printable Mystery Game designed to be set up with the Blimey Box hands-on lockbox kit.

Setup Time:

10 Minutes

Included in PDF Download:

  • 42 pages
  • 2 Levels of Games (Kid & Tween)
  • Detailed Setup of the game with the Blimey Box Game Kit (Physical Lockbox Game Kit not included with this printable game)
  • A walk through showing how to play the game
  • Answer Keys 
  • Graphic and Printer-friendly version of each level
  • 6 puzzles (for each level) 
  • A reward card to place inside the treasure chest

If you are looking for a mystery-solving adventure or want to make your next party unforgettable, try this fun, spooky problem-solving game. Are you brave enough to enter the mansion and attempt to solve the mysterious clues and unlock the hidden riches?

A little about our games:

Blimey Box offers innovative, kids' home mystery games and educational learning games that can be downloaded and printed for an exciting activity at home. All our printable games can be set up with our Lockbox game kit which makes playing the games more realistic and exciting. With the lockbox kit, players unlock real locks and open boxes and bags to reveal more clues. The hands-on lockbox game kit is included in both our Party Game Kit (Lockbox + 3 themed mystery games for ages 7-13) or our Learning Game Kit (Lockbox + over 130 printable learning games for kids ages 5-9). 

Your child will have fun with our professionally designed print & play party games 7 to 13 years old in age range - perfect for any occasion from birthday parties, to family game nights, and all through summer vacation. So what do you say: shall we get started on finding hidden clues and solving mystery puzzles?!

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