A Wintery Mini-Treasure Hunt

Here is a fun wintery treasure hunt/scavenger hunt for kids to solve!

Kids find clues, decode words, and unscramble the sentence to reveal the clue to a prize.

The cipher is all different snowflakes, so it challenges kids to really look close at details. 

Snowflake scavenger hunt

Download the printable mini-treasure hunt here.

It is so easy to set this activity up for your child!

Steps for setting up this wintery hunt:

1. Print and cut-out the clues and decoder

2. Hide the clues and the decoder around the house (we like to use plastic eggs to make it easier to find the clues).

3. Hide a treat/prize where you keep books 


Make it extra special:

We like to add an extra twist to this activity. This is totally optional, but if you have a locking box and a key, it makes this really fun!

To make this hunt a little more dramatic, we put the prize inside a locking treasure box and then hide the key in the kids' bookshelf. We set out the treasure box with the note. 

Seeing the locked treasure box motivates the kids to find the key to unlock the prize. It's a fun, but simple twist!

You can download and try this fun hunt here.

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