Smart Puzzle Escape Game Kit for ages 5-9

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Unleash Your Child's Inner Problem Solver with the Smart Puzzle Escape Game Kit!

The Smart Puzzle Game Kit is an escape room in a box designed to make learning fun for kids aged pre-K to 3rd grade. With over 130+ printable (standards-based) learning puzzle games and 4 themed adventure games, your child will develop essential math and reading skills while having a blast!

Unlock the secrets and watch your child:

  • Become a problem-solving whiz
  • Excel in math and reading
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Build confidence and curiosity
  • Have endless hours of engaging fun!

Everything you need is included:

  • Portable lockbox
  • Lockable treasure chest
  • Lockable bag
  • Resettable number and letter locks
  • Access to our entire library of printable games (over 130+ games)

Standards-based Printable Games Include:

  • Get Ready for Kindergarten (12 Games)
  • Kindergarten (30 games)
  • Get Ready for 1st Grade (12 Games)
  • First Grade (26 Games)
  • Get Ready for 2nd Grade (10 Games)
  • Second Grade (20 Games)
  • Get Ready for 3rd Grade (10 Games)
  • Third Grade (16 Games)

The game kit arrives ready to set up in the first printable game of your choice. 

Order your Smart Puzzle Game Kit today and open the door to a world of learning and adventure!

Limited quantities available, so don't miss out!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
M Alexander

My six year old grandson absolutely loves his Blimey Box! He asks for a new challenge daily. Not only is it entertaining but educational as well! He gets extra practice in so many areas including critical thinking, math, penmanship and reading. The best part is his motivation to figure the challenges out independently! Thank you!

So Much Fun!

My kids love a puzzle hunt and their Blimey box has taken our challenges to the level. It is also super easy for me to set up the games from the Escape Games Library. My boys are on spring break and begging me to set up educational games everyday. They just don’t know the Blimey box is educational.

Navdeep Riar

My kids are having so much fun with this! It definitely makes math more fun! I highly recommend it!

David Alewine
My kids ask to do Blimey Box everyday!

My kids absolutely love Blimey Box. They ask to do it everyday. I love how it is introducing and developing their critical thinking skills. My kids are 6 and just finished Kindergarten but we started with some of the "Getting Ready for Kindergarten" games to introduce them to the various types of puzzles and we are now working our way through the Kindergarten games. I can see their confidence growing with every game. The owners are also amazing and so responsive to any questions I have had. I can't day enough positive things about Blimey Boxes! We love them!

Amanda Langford
Thank you!

I am so grateful for our son’s Blimey Box. And thank you thank you for the game library. It helps so much with our kiddo who doesn’t realize that he’s learning. He has a ball solving the puzzles. They will come in very handy this summer. Our guy has ADHD so for this to get and hold his attention - without a screen - is fantastic. Thank you!