Educational Escape Game Kit for kids: Brain Bundle (over 130+ printable games)

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Making learning meaningful and fun.

With so many kids falling behind in school, it can be stressful for parents to get their kids to practice math and reading skills at home. Created by a teacher, the Brain Bundle educational escape game kit for kids incorporates standards-based math and logic puzzles that inspire curiosity in kids from pre-k to third grade.

A lot of parents feel like they're at a loss when it comes to getting their kids to practice math and reading skills.The Brain Bundle educational escape game kit is the answer! This fun, standards-based learning tool for kids incorporates math and logic puzzles that are both educational and entertaining.


✨Escape Game Kit & 130+ Printable Games

The Brain Bundle educational escape game kit for kids comes with a locking box, locking bag, locking treasure chest, 5 real locks, and unlimited access to our online Escape Game Learning Library. Including over 130+ printable standards-based escape games to set up with your lockbox! Learning becomes a fun mystery for kids to solve and parents feel confident their kids are masting grade-level skills. 

Printable Escape Games are leveled from "Get Ready for Kindergarten" to "Third Grade."

🔐 Educational Escape Game Kit for kids includes:

The Brain Bundle educational escape game kit for kids comes with everything you need to play Blimey Box Learning Escape Games: 

- Portable lockbox with handle
- Red lockable bag
- Wooden lockable treasure chest
- Black, resettable 3-digit number lock
- Red, resettable 3-digit number lock
- Red, resettable 4-digit number lock
- Red, resettable 5-digit letter lock
- Red Key Lock
- invisible marker pen with UV Light
- Unlimited access to our online Escape Game Learning Library with over 130 learning printable escape games for Pre-K to third grade. 

🗝 How does it work?

  1. Print a game from the Online Escape Game Library
  2. Follow set up instructions to set up the printable puzzles with the lockbox game kit
  3. Players work independently or collaboratively, solve puzzles and open locks until the final treasure is reached.
  4. Reset the locks back to zero after each game
  5. Print another game, reset locks, and play again!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Navdeep Riar

My kids are having so much fun with this! It definitely makes math more fun! I highly recommend it!

David Alewine
My kids ask to do Blimey Box everyday!

My kids absolutely love Blimey Box. They ask to do it everyday. I love how it is introducing and developing their critical thinking skills. My kids are 6 and just finished Kindergarten but we started with some of the "Getting Ready for Kindergarten" games to introduce them to the various types of puzzles and we are now working our way through the Kindergarten games. I can see their confidence growing with every game. The owners are also amazing and so responsive to any questions I have had. I can't day enough positive things about Blimey Boxes! We love them!

Amanda Langford
Thank you!

I am so grateful for our son’s Blimey Box. And thank you thank you for the game library. It helps so much with our kiddo who doesn’t realize that he’s learning. He has a ball solving the puzzles. They will come in very handy this summer. Our guy has ADHD so for this to get and hold his attention - without a screen - is fantastic. Thank you!

Katie Plaza
Second Blimey Box

With the kids home, sharing one between two kids was not going to cut it anymore. They think this is a reward for doing their school work- score!

Lacey Turley
Fun for the kids...and me!

I’ve had a hard time in the past getting my oldest daughter to be motivated enough to stick with things when they get difficult /challenging. I came across Blimey Box and knew I had to try it. And it truly was all I thought it would be and more... I literally watched my daughter struggling with a Blimey Box task yesterday and i just knew she was going to blow up and quit (judging from past experience with her) so I suggested she take a break. But, to my shock, she refused to stop- and the PROBLEM SOLVING and THINKING continued!! She stuck with the task...and she finished!!! And the struggling made the triumph even sweeter. I was so glad she was able to feel the rush of achievement- that feeling of working hard and reaching a goal. I was also so encouraged by watching her complete something hard—she just needed the right motivation!
Blimey Box is fun for the kids, and me...I really think it’s the greatest thing ever! We are using it daily in our homeschool now and it is the most exciting part of the day!