How does the game kit work?

Both the Smart Puzzle Game Kit (for kids 5-8) and the Home Adventure Game Kit (for kids 8-13) arrived ready to set up in a game of your choice. Everything is inside the portable locking box (locking bag, locking treasure chest, 5 locks, plastic hasp, and invisible pen and black light). The way your kit arrives is exactly how we recommend putting your game kit back together again after finishing each game. 

How to set up your first game:

  1. Choose the game you want to play. 
  2. Print the game and the set up instructions.
  3. Follow the instructions for cutting, setting the locks, and placing the puzzles. For a quick video tutorial for how to set and reset the locks, please clicks the links below:
  4. Enjoy watching players tackle challenging problems to try to open the locks.
  5. Once the game is over, reset all the locks back to zero and place everything back inside the portable box.

    How do I reset the locks?

    Setting and resetting the locks can be tricky at first, but get easier with practice. Please watch our video tutorials for setting and resetting each of the locks:

    How to set and reset the 3-digit Number Lock:

    How to set and reset the 4-digit Number Lock:

    How to set and reset the 5-digit Letter Lock:


    What if I get locked out?

    This is a problem you're likely to run into throughout your tenure with Blimey Box. We want to offer some tips to avoid running into this problem, but if it happens, we hope that you'll have the ability to break the hasp easily enough to replace what you need so you can continue to use your Blimey Box in the future.
    (The Hasp is made of plastic and easily broken with a pair of wire cutters if you ever have a lock that you can't unlock). If you've locked the small treasure chest or large lockable box and can't recall the combination, then you'll have to use a pair of bolt cutters to get the lock open, but consider these tips first.
    • Don't let anyone play with the locks after unlocking them. This can lead to the combination being changed from the answer on the game being played. 
    • Always reset the lock combinations to 0-0-0 or MATCH after every game. This way, you don't have to worry about remembering an old code from a prior game.
    • If your lock won't close (and therefore you can't reset it), check the last game played for the combination.
      • If you think you have the lock combination correct, try moving the dial for each number by a few digits to see if perhaps you entered the code incorrectly (ie: you were off by one number on a particular combination).
      • For the 3-digit lock, technically there are only 1,000 possible combinations which seem like a lot, but I've simply run through them to get the right code on a few occasions. You can see this video here for proof that a locked 3-digit lock isn't really a deal-breaker.