Why is the box locked? What do I do?

When you receive your Blimey Box kit, you'll see that it's already locked. This is on purpose. We have purposely set up a simple game for your child to try in order to get through the box. If the child struggles and can't complete the tasks necessary to open the small treasure chest, then he or she may not quite be ready for the game pack puzzles that follow.
So, when you receive your Blimey Box kit, there's a Task 1 for your child to complete with the game that he or she will use to open the lock on the box to get inside. From there, 3 other tasks need to be completed in order for the child to get inside the lockable bag. Thereafter, he or she will use the key in the lockable bag in order to open the small treasure chest key lock. 

Now, if you have any problems opening the box, the Blimey Box kit placard gives you the Answer Key so you have all the necessary combinations in order to open the box. So, sit back and let your child give it a go and enjoy some quiet time...for a few minutes anyway!

What if the challenges are too difficult?

Our Blimey Box arrives at your doorstep locked up already with a game for your child to complete. If your child finds this first game to be too difficult, then he or she might not quite be ready for the game pack games which get progressively harder as new skills are introduced. 
That's perfectly fine. Simply set the Blimey Box aside for a month or two and get it out again when your child's basic number and letter skills have improved. Our puzzles help your child practice basic skills they're going to need to learn eventually so we're not worried that the box won't serve its purpose. 
We've created multiple levels of puzzles designed to support a child's developmental learning.  Kids should struggle to get through the challenges, but not so much that they become frustrated. If a game pack is too difficult, either try one at a lower level, or wait until your child is ready.
Most importantly, as your child works through the games, remember that you want him or her to struggle at times. Don't simply give your child the answers. Ask questions to guide your child to the treasure! 

What if the Challenges are too easy?

In all honesty, we're not too worried about this because we find that even older children struggle with the logic of some of the games. Although the games test basic math, letter and reading concepts, learning how to think to complete the games takes some practice. That's why we don't want you giving your child the answer if he or she can't make the "leap" to figure out a particular puzzle. We do think you'll enjoy seeing your child reach the correct answers more quickly as he or she "figures out" different approaches to the games.
And consider this! Our games were set up to meet educational standards for kids in the grade levels linked with our game packs. Therefore, if your child is in the 4-6 age group and finds even our first-grade game packs to be too easy to complete, then you might have a genius on your hands! So, get him or her a Mensa application and rest assured that most kids will benefit from the exposure to basic skills embedded in all of our games.

I don't have time to set-up these "learning games"

Don't worry, we designed Blimey Box for you to be able to set the games up quickly. Each game has typed instructions and a video to walk you through setup. The average setup time is around 5 minutes. Since you're probably above average, you'll be able to do it faster.


What if I forget the combination to one of the locks?

This is a problem you're likely to run into throughout your tenure with Blimey Box. We want to offer some tips to avoid running into this problem, but if it happens, we hope that you'll have the ability to break the hasp easily enough to replace what you need so you can continue to use your Blimey Box in the future.
(The Hasp is made of plastic and easily broken with a pair of wire cutters if you ever have a lock that you can't unlock). If you've locked the small treasure chest or large lockable box and can't recall the combination, then you'll have to use a pair of bolt cutters to get the lock open, but consider these tips first.
  • Don't let your child play with the locks after he or she gets them open while playing the game. This can lead to the combination being changed from the answer on the game being played. We recommend having your child place the lock on the "Lock Map" after each task is completed so the locks don't go missing or get the combinations changed. 
  • Always reset the lock combinations to 0-0-0 or MATCH after every game. This way, you don't have to worry about remembering an old code from a prior game.
  • If you lock won't close (and therefore you can't reset it), check the last game your child played for the combination.
  • If you think you have the lock combination correct, try moving the dial for each number by a few digits to see if perhaps you entered the code incorrectly (ie: you were off by one number on a particular combination).
  • For the 3-digit lock, technically there are only 1,000 possible combinations which seem like a lot, but I've simply run through them to get the right code on a few occasions. You can see this video here for proof that a locked 3-digit lock isn't really a deal-breaker.
  • Set up a lock sheet in which you write down the numbers every time you set up a game. We started off this way, but eventually realized that relying on the game sheets was quicker.
In the end, we've definitely had a few locks beat us as evidenced by the picture below, but by following the tips herein, we're hoping you don't run into this problem. 
Watch the video below to see how to reset the locks. Or visit our page all about resetting each of the locks back to zero.

Why does it take me more than 5 minutes to set up the games?

When we first started putting each of the Blimey Box games together, it took us longer than the 5 minutes estimated on the Game instruction sheets. However,  over time as you become more comfortable re-setting the lock combinations, putting the items in the box and seeing how the games work, we think you'll become very adept at setting up the games. Now, when we look at the instructions and set the locks, we have no problem getting the game ready in under 5 minutes.
We've included written direction sheets for the locks as well as a video showing you how to reset the combinations for each of the locks. In addition, make sure to watch our initial set up videos for setting up Games 1, 2, 3 and 16, 17, 18 for tips on setting up the games quickly. After that, we think you'll be impressed at how quickly you can set up the games. Then, you can focus on relaxing during the 20-30 minutes it takes your kid to get through the game! Wine anyone?
Watch our Game Setup Videos: