Party Pack Escape Room Game Kit (Ages 7-13)

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Resettable Escape Room Game Kit.

It’s hard to find fun activities that engage the whole family and get everyone off screens. That is why we created Blimey Box Party Pack Escape Room Game Kit. A resettable escape room game kit designed for busy parents who want to create memorable family moments. 

  • Arrives locked in our Pirate-Themed Party Game: The Legend of Blimey Bloke. Players solve the pirate-themed puzzles to get the key to unlock the treasure chest.
  • Includes 2 additional printable party escape games - create a unique and memorable experience for your next party. Our themed escape games are great for kids ages 7-13 and uplevel family game nights, birthday parties, or sleepovers.
  • BONUS: One Party Pack game kit also gives you access to our educational Escape Game Library - over 130 printable learning escape games (grades Pre-K to third grade). Little brothers and sisters want in on the fun? We got you.

✨ 3 Themed Party Escape Games

Looking to create a memorable family game night or birthday party? Print out one of our themed party escape games and set it up with the kit. Let players work together to solve the mysteries.

  • Legend of Blimey Bloke (arrives set up with the Party Pack Game Kit)
This mystery-solving pirate game is fun for the whole family. Players solve the pirate puzzles to unlock the treasure of the swashbuckler pirate. Are you up for the challenge?

  • The Lost City of Gold (printable)

While hiking in South America, you stumble upon an ancient artifact with mysterious symbols. Have you uncovered a clue to finding the Lost City of Gold?

  • Mysterious Mansion (Printable)

You’ve heard stories about the empty house on the hill, but recently you’ve heard whispers about a secret treasure hidden somewhere inside. Do you dare go in?

✨ BONUS!! 130+ Printable Learning Escape Games

With so many kids falling behind in school, it can be stressful for parents to get their kids to practice math and reading at home. Created by a teacher, our educational escape games for kids incorporate standards-based math and logic puzzles that inspire curiosity in kids from pre-k to third grade. All our games can be set up with our game kit.

🔐 Party Pack Escape Room Game Kit includes:

Our Blimey Box escape game kit for kids comes with everything you need to play all of our printable Escape Games (party and learning): 

  • Portable lockbox with handle
  • Red lockable bag
  • Wooden lockable treasure chest
  • Black, resettable 3-digit number lock
  • Red, resettable 3-digit number lock
  • Red, resettable 4-digit number lock
  • Red, resettable 5-digit letter lock
  • Red Key Lock
  • invisible marker pen with UV Light
  • Unlimited access to our online Escape Game Library with over 130 printable learning escape games for Pre-K to third grade and 3 themed party escape games.

🗝 How does the Blimey Box escape game kit work?

  • Step 1: Order your Party Pack Escape Room Game Kit

It arrives locked and ready to play in our Pirate game - The Legend of Blimey Bloke. 

  • Step 2: Play the initial game.

Give the locked box to the player or players to solve and open.  The initial prize includes 2 invisible ink pens and black lights. Be sure to store one set with the box, since some printable games require this tool in the setup.

  • Step 3: Visit our Escape Game Library (unlimited access with kit purchase)

Access all our printable games online. Choose and print a new game to play. Follow set-up instructions to set up the printable game with the game kit. 

  • Step 4: Reset all the locks back to zero and store everything back in the box.

Don't accidentally get locked out. It is easy to forget a code after a while, so it is very important to reset the locks back to zero right after each game.

  • Step 5: Ready for another game? Visit the Escape Game Library.
Choose and print another game, set up the kit, and play again!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ellen Hsu-Hung
Did first puzzle

My 8 year old and her precocious 6 y/o cousin did the first puzzle together and needed a little prompting from me. They loved the exploration and were so satisfied when a lock was opened. It provided 1.5 hrs of entertainment while were were on vacation together. We are going to do lost city of gold this weekend for my 8 y/o's casual birthday party and excited to see how that goes.

Loved by many

I purchased the Blimey box for my daughter’s 10th birthday. She had 7 girls at her party and they all loved it. I then brought the list city to our Girl Scout sleepover and it was loved all over again. So easy to set up and the locks are easy to reset.