Adventure Home Escape Game Kit for Kids

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Introducing the Ultimate Adventure Home Escape Game Kit for Kids Ages 8-14!

Unleash your child's imagination and ignite their problem-solving skills with our Resettable Adventure Home Escape Game Kit. This unique kit provides endless hours of immersive entertainment and empowers kids to work collaboratively, think creatively, and overcome challenges. Say goodbye to screen time and hello to family bonding like never before!

🗝️ 4 Thrilling-Themed Adventures

Embark on epic quests with our four captivating themed escape games. Begin your journey with the Pirate Adventure: The Legend of Blimey Bloke. Solve pirate-themed puzzles, unlock the treasure chest, and discover the riches within. Once you've conquered the high seas, unlock access to three additional printable home escape games: Mysterious Mansion, The Lost City of Goldand Magical Creature Quest

🔒 Resettable Locks for Infinite Replayability

Our Adventure Home Escape Game Kit comes pre-set and locked in the Pirate Game. But the excitement doesn't end there! Reset the locks back to zero, print a new game, and set up the locks with the game kit for an entirely fresh adventure. 

✨ Unleash Creativity and Critical Thinking

By engaging in our immersive games, kids learn to think outside the box, sharpen their analytical skills, and develop strategic thinking. Our puzzles encourage creative problem-solving, ensuring an enriching experience for players aged 8-13.

🌴 Captivating Themes That Bring Adventures to Life

Sail the treacherous seas in the Pirate Adventure, uncover secrets in the Mysterious Mansion, brave the untamed jungle in the Lost City of Gold, or help the fairy princess in the Magical Creature Quest. Each game is designed to transport players to a world filled with mystery, excitement, and endless possibilities.

🔒 What's Included in the Game Kit:

- Portable lockbox with a convenient handle for easy transportation
- Lockable wooden treasure chest
- Assortment of resettable locks
- UV light and marker pen for decoding hidden messages

🌟 Unleash Your Imagination Today!

With the Adventure Escape Kit, the fun never stops. Complete the initial game, dive into our online Escape Game Library, select a new adventure, and print your game. Follow the setup instructions using the game kit, and let the excitement unfold. After each game, reset the locks back to zero, store everything neatly in the box, and get ready for the next thrilling adventure.

Order your Adventure Escape Kit today and unlock a world of unforgettable family memories. It's time to embark on an adventure like no other!

Customer Reviews

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Ellen Hsu-Hung
Did first puzzle

My 8 year old and her precocious 6 y/o cousin did the first puzzle together and needed a little prompting from me. They loved the exploration and were so satisfied when a lock was opened. It provided 1.5 hrs of entertainment while were were on vacation together. We are going to do lost city of gold this weekend for my 8 y/o's casual birthday party and excited to see how that goes.

Loved by many

I purchased the Blimey box for my daughter’s 10th birthday. She had 7 girls at her party and they all loved it. I then brought the list city to our Girl Scout sleepover and it was loved all over again. So easy to set up and the locks are easy to reset.