Escape Room Party Kit | Party Pack | Ages 8+

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Our Escape Room Party Kit for kids includes our reusable Lockbox Game Kit set up in a pirate escape game ready to play.
The party pack includes 2 printable themed escape games to set up with your Escape Room Party Kit. The Party Pack includes 20+ mystery puzzles to solve, a locking box, bag, and treasure chest, and 5 real resettable locks to open. 
🥳 3 Party Games:
🔐 Escape Room Party Kit includes:
  • Portable and durable locking box (easy to take and play anywhere)
  • 5 resettable locks (1 letter lock, 3 number locks, and 1 key lock)
  • Locking bag and hasp
  • Locking wooden treasure chest
  • Arrives locked and set up in Pirate-themed game
  • 2 Printable Themed Escape Games
 🗝 How does the Party Escape Game Kit work?
The party mystery game kit arrives at your doorstep locked in a pirate treasure hunt-themed game. Players work together to solve the puzzles, find the secret codes, open the locks, and eventually find the key to unlock the treasure chest. 
  1. Print a themed game
  2. Follow detailed directions to set up the puzzles with the lockbox game kit
  3. Players work independently or collaboratively, solving puzzles and opening locks until the final treasure is reached.
The best part? The Party Escape Game Kit is resettable so you can play multiple games with the same locks & boxes. The real locks and boxes transform the mystery game into a realistic and unforgettable experience. 
✂️ Setup Required:
The kit arrives locked and ready to play our pirate-themed mystery game. Once the game is over, reset all the locks back to zero and get ready to print and play another themed game.
Setup requires color printing, cutting, setting locks, and a "Game Master." The "Game Master" knows the combinations of the locks and acts as a guide during the game. The minimal setup is worth the lasting memories created.
A little about our games:
Blimey Box offers innovative, family-friendly home mystery games and educational learning games that can be downloaded and printed for an exciting activity at home. All our mystery games can be set up with our Lockbox game kit which makes playing the games more realistic and exciting.
Your child will have fun with our professionally designed print & play party games 7 to 13 years old in age range - perfect for any occasion from birthday parties, to family game nights, and all through summer vacation.
So what do you say: shall we get started on finding hidden clues and solving mystery puzzles?!

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Loved by many

I purchased the Blimey box for my daughter’s 10th birthday. She had 7 girls at her party and they all loved it. I then brought the list city to our Girl Scout sleepover and it was loved all over again. So easy to set up and the locks are easy to reset.