Discover Ancient Treasures: Delving into the 'Lost City of Gold' Adventure Home Escape Game

Gather your friends, family, or fellow adventurers for a remarkable home escape game for kids filled with mystery and excitement in "The Lost City of Gold"! This printable jungle adventure is designed for 2-8 players (ages 8-14) to collaboratively solve puzzles, crack codes, and unravel clues as they venture through the dense rainforest in search of the legendary Lost City of Gold. This home escape game is included with the Adventure Home Escape Game Kit by Blimey Box. Get ready to engage your creativity and intellect in a quest perfect for sleepovers, birthday parties, and family game nights.

Lost City of Gold Adventure Home Escape Game

The Journey Begins: Unveiling Ancient Secrets

In the lush South American rainforests, a chance find transforms your journey. An ancient, intricately carved artifact captures your gaze, depicting a deity marked by holes in its right eye, ear, and tongue. Could these openings reveal a hidden treasure or the secrets of a lost civilization?

Guided by stories and legends from the area, you and your friends decide to explore and uncover the mysteries hidden under the dense trees. Long ago, a whole city used to be here, but it vanished without a trace. Even though you'll face tricky puzzles and challenges, the exciting idea of finding the truth about the Lost City of Gold keeps you curious and motivated to keep going, to solve the mysteries and discover something incredible.

Lost City of Gold Adventure Home Escape Game

Puzzle Clues, Creativity, and the Unveiling of Secrets

"The Lost City of Gold" adventure thrives on inventive puzzles and intricate clues. A collective effort as a team is crucial in deciphering riddles, cracking codes, and establishing connections between the images on the artifact and the narratives within the aged notebook. This is where creativity and collaboration take center stage, as players brainstorm and unite to solve the mysteries intertwining the past and present.

Each puzzle players conquer brings them closer to revealing the secrets of the lost city. 

Lost City of Gold Adventure Home Escape Game
Lost City of Gold Adventure Home Escape Game

Perfect for Every Occasion

"The Lost City of Gold" escape game transcends occasions and settings, adapting effortlessly to sleepovers, birthday celebrations, and family game nights. This immersive quest engages adventurers of all ages, fostering teamwork, problem-solving skills, and effective communication. Making the Adventure Home Escape Game Kit by Blimey Box an excellent choice for creating lasting memories. 


Setting Up the Adventure

Prepare to embark on this thrilling journey with ease by following the detailed setup instructions included with the game. Here are an overview of the steps for game setup:

  • Obtain the Adventure Home Escape Game Kit: To begin your journey, you'll need the Adventure Home Escape Game Kit by Blimey Box (the Lost City of Gold is included with purchase of the game kit). This comprehensive kit contains all the materials you need to bring the jungle adventure to life.
  • Print the Game: We suggest using the color-rich graphic version and getting it printed at local stores like Staples or FedEx. A black and white (more printer-friendly) version is also included.
  • Prepare Clues: Cut out the clues and components carefully, ensuring their readiness for use.
  • Locks and Secrets: Assemble the locks as instructed, introducing an extra layer of excitement by safeguarding vital clues and treasures.
  • Hidden Clues: Strategically position clues, puzzles, and components throughout the designated area (specific places are included in instructions), crafting an immersive rainforest environment that beckons exploration.

Lost City of Gold Adventure Home Escape Game

Playing the Game: Unleash Your Inner Explorer

Now that your stage is set, initiate your quest for the Lost City of Gold:

  • Gather Your Team (2-8 Players): Form a team of adventurers, ranging from 2 to 8 players, to embark on this exciting endeavor. With 2 levels of games player ages can range from 8 to 14.
  • Collaborate to Solve Clues: As you encounter clues and riddles, collaborate to employ your collective problem-solving skills. Decode messages, crack codes, and unlock hidden enigmas by combining your diverse perspectives and skills.
  • Innovative Thinking: "The Lost City of Gold" encourages creativity and innovative solutions. Embrace unconventional thinking, experimentation, and teamwork to surmount obstacles and advance in your quest.

Unveil the Enigma of the Jungle

"The Lost City of Gold" adventure escape game guarantees an exhilarating expedition through the heart of the rainforest, testing your teamwork, wit, and resolve. With its immersive storyline, intricate puzzles, and interactive gameplay, this experience promises hours of excitement and discovery.

Purchase the Adventure Home Escape Game Kit by Blimey Box, gather your team, prepare the game, and embark on an unforgettable journey to unearth the secrets of the jungle. Are you ready to decode the riddles and lay claim to the golden legacy that awaits? The journey commences now!

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