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We're a small family start-up dedicated to helping busy parents raise outside-the-box thinkers. Let us help you save time while your kids get smarter!


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Do you remember when going out to dinner used to be enjoyable?

You are contemplating going out to dinner with your family (but you're not sure you're up for it). Remember when going out to dinner used to be enjoyable?  

Nowadays, you go out to dinner and your kids are loud and in need of constant attention. All you want to do is enjoy a glass of wine and talk to your spouse, but your children are making it impossible.  

In an effort to get some peace and quiet at the table, you hand over your phone to your attention-seeking child. Now you're feeling guilty about reverting to screen-time...again. You know people are judging you, but you haven't even had a chance to take a bite of your food.  

It's survival mode now.

But what if...

Your child takes a Blimey Box with you to the restaurant. Instead of handing your kids a device to keep them quiet, you give them a challenge to solve. Instead of staring mindlessly at a screen, they are quietly working on an engaging academic activity.  

(Yes, it is possible)!  

You now get a quiet moment to sip your wine and catch-up with your spouse. And instead of getting judgemental looks from other tables, you get looks of admiration and jealousy.  

Your kids are quiet, they are getting smarter, you're the parent of the year.  

Dinners out are enjoyable again!  

It’s a win/win.


Raising Outside-the-Box Thinkers

We're Jason and Whitney Ebert

Like you, we are parents of young children and we want to help our children grow up to be healthy, happy, successful members of society.  

As a teacher and attorney, we saw the need to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in young minds. 

As a mom and dad, we wanted low-tech, engaging educational games for our children.  

We also wanted to give busy parents an easy activity to set up, but one that keeps kids entertained for an extended amount of time. (Imagine drinking Saturday morning coffee with your spouse without kids hanging all over you)!