Our Story

 Blimey Box Founders

Hi, we're Whitney and Jason Ebert 

We're a mom and dad trying to make at-home learning fun for our kids.

We created Blimey Box to help other busy parents give their children a unique and fun learning adventure at home. 

Do you like treasure hunts and escape rooms? 


Well, your kids do, too.

As fans of Goonies and National Treasure, we wanted to show our kids the adventure of treasure hunts and thrill of escape room games

It started when our son was four. 

Jason put together a homemade escape room kit. He ordered resettable locks, locking-boxes, and even a lockable bag on Amazon. He then created puzzles (with simple math problems) at Brewer’s level. 

Our first box was janky and thrown-together, but...

Brewer loved it! And so did we.

mom helping son

We noticed Brewer worked hard and persevered through the puzzles in order to unlock the mystery treasure.

To him, it was a fun game.

To us it was an easy way to keep him entertained at home.


kids playing a blimey box

For convenience, we made the escape room kit portable. The kit went with us, wherever we wanted to keep our kids occupied (and screen-free) for 30 minutes or more.

Restaurants, Grandma’s house, and even Breweries turned into a treasure hunt escape room.

Our son begged for more games, and we continued creating puzzles for him to solve. As an elementary teacher, Whitney developed games that focused on the academic skills he needed to practice, like math and reading. 


Bring the adventure of treasure hunts and the thrill of escape rooms home with our Lockbox Kit and Blimey Box Games. 

Click the Links below to try a Free Sample Game:
Level 1: SCALLYWAG (ages 5-6)
Level 2: PRIVATEER (ages 6-8)
Level 3: BUCCANEER (ages 7-9)

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Check out our escape room printable games and our lockbox kit! Kids love the thrill of solving math, reading, and logic puzzles to get codes to unlock a final treasure. Make learning an exciting adventure!

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