• Kid's Escape Game Kits for thinkers and problem-solvers.

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To get started, what are you looking for?

Party Games (ages 7-13)

You want to spend more quality time with your family, but it's hard to find activities that are new and different that everyone will enjoy.

We've got the perfect kids' escape room kits and printable treasure hunts for your next game night or birthday party! Bring together all generations with our fun and interactive party games.


Learning Games (Ages 5-9)

Do you have a little one who loves puzzles and games?

Our education escape game kit has over 130+ math games for kids ages 5-9.

They’ll be able to use critical thinking skills, problem solving techniques, creativity and teamwork as they work together (or individually) to solve clues and crack codes!


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Elevate Family Game Night

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Enrich learning at home

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A fun way to support math thinking at home.

Themed Party Escape Games (ages 7-13)

Learning Escape Games

Printable Treasure Hunts (ages 6-10)


My very active 6 year old loves it. It actually engages him even though it’s not on a screen! He calls me out when I don’t have one ready for him.

Amanda L.

Grandma Time!

Both my grandson, 6, and granddaughter, 5, are loving the Blimey Box. I allow them to help each other, - very nonthreatening, and they both are catching on to many of the patterns of the tasks. At our next family gathering, they have asked for an ice cream dessert treat if they complete a lesson. So fun!

Julianne S.

Absolutely the best treasure hunt for kids!

Love it. I have 4 grandkids. They all love the challenge and especially the prizes at the end. Highly recommended!

Helen K.

Fabulous Toy!

Excited to integrate this learning tool in the many different things we do with our rising 1st grader. Our daughter loves "the lock game." She asks took play it at least once a day. Great purchase!

Kasia W.

We make math fun.

Here at Blimey Box, we are anti-boring. We don't believe in mindless busy work (a.k.a.) homework. We believe kids learn best when they're having fun, thinking, and problem-solving. We create math activities, puzzles, and learning activities that inspire curiosity.

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