Learning Escape Games

Do your kids need extra math practice?

When kids regularly play our Blimey Box educational escape games, parents notice a stronger number sense, an increased ability to focus, and a desire to keep trying even when problems are challenging.

Our Blimey Box Escape Game Kit includes access to 130+ learning escape games that are fun for both boys and girls ages 5-9.

We have games leveled from Pre-K to third grade. Plus they're designed so that children who struggle with reading and/or math still can figure out the puzzles.

✨ Game kit and access to over 130+ printable escape games!

The Blimey Box Escape Game Kit comes with the locking game kit and unlimited access to our online Escape Game Library with over 130+ printable standards-based escape games and 3 printable themed party games to set up with your kit!

Educational games are leveled from "Get Ready for Kindergarten" to "Third Grade."

Blimey Box

Brain Bundle Escape Game Kit for kids: 5-9