Kindergarten: Educational Puzzle Games

Kindergarten Sample Tasks 

Academic skills covered in games

  • Alphabetical order
  • Letter recognition
  • Writing letters
  • Learning letters in own name
  • sight words
  • Decoding and reading secret messages
  • Phonics: beginning letter sounds
  • Rhyming words


  • One-to-one number correspondence
  • Shape recognition
  • Sequencing numbers
  • Patterning
  • Addition principles
  • Greater than/ Less than
  • Tally marks
  • Graphing
  • Ten frame
  • Money: Coin amounts

Who should play the Kindergarten Games?

Our Kindergarten games go in-depth with Kindergarten math and reading skills. These games are perfect for learners who:
  • are in Kindergarten and need an extra brain challenge
  • have successfully completed the Get Ready for Kindergarten games
  • could benefit from extra practice with Kindergarten math and reading skills
  • want a head start with critical thinking skills
  • are curious to explore and LOVE to solve mysteries

pre-k kids playing blimey box

    How to play

    • Choose a Game from the "Kindergarten" section of the Online Printable Game Library. (Games are arranged in order of difficulty and academic skills build on each other).
    • Print the game and set it up with the Smart Puzzle Game Kit.
    • Kids play independently or with a small group (up to 4 kids)
    • Each game has 5 learning tasks, each task opens a lock, and the last one unlocks the treasure chest.

    How to set up the games:

    Setting up the games doesn't take very long once you get the hang of it. Each game comes with detailed instructions for setup. All you need are scissors (for minimal cutting) and a small surprise to add to the treasure chest.

    Want to see a game in action? Take a peek at this short video setting up and demonstrating a Kindergarten Level game:



    • 30 Kindergarten games
    • When you buy our Smart Puzzle Game Kit you get access to all our Kindergarten level games and all levels of our 130+ Educational Puzzle Games in our online Printable Game Library.