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Created by a teacher, Blimey Box Learning Escape Room Puzzle Games incorporate standards-based academic skills from Pre-K to third grade. Leveled math activities inspire curiosity and improve critical thinking skills.

Kids should be excited about learning!

We want kids to spend more time on purposeful activities that develop higher-level thinking skills and less time on meaningless gaming apps and boring worksheets.

Our educational escape games are:

  • a fun way to motivate kids to practice mathematics at home.
  • perfect for teachers looking for an engaging way to review grade-level standards or provide enrichment opportunities for advanced learners.

All games can be played independently or collaboratively based on individual skill levels.

Blimey Box

Blimey Box Escape Game Kit for kids: ages 5-14 (over 130+ printable games)

Learning Escape Game Library | Access all our printable learning escape games | Just the games, no game kit
Blimey Box

Learning Escape Game Library with 130+ printable games | (No game kit included)