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Fall Secret Message Activity

Welcome to fall, y'all!   Time to get cozy, grab a warm mug of coffee and print out this fall secret message activity for your little learner. Download it here. Print and play it this afternoon. This secret message activity introduces kids to coordinate graphing by having to find the correct letter based on the picture clues on the x and y-axis. During this problem-solving activity, you child will decode the answer to the riddle, "What did one leaf say to the other?" To solve the riddle, your child will have to look at the pictures at the bottom of the paper. The top picture represents the x-axis and the bottom picture represents the y-axis. The box in which the two pictures meet...

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Mixed Math Skills: Mini-Treasure Hunt (Free Printable)

Here's a fun activity to keep your child's math skills sharp! This is a mixed math skill mini-treasure hunt for kids ages 4-8. This free printable mini-treasure hunt covers a variety of math skills (in two different challenge levels). Level 1: Addition, subtraction, and multiplication concepts. (Ages 4-6) Level 2: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. (Ages 6-8) Choose the right challenge level for your child, print, and play. Once kids solve the secret message, it will read, "INSIDE A BACKPACK." You may want to hide a prize inside a backpack for your child to find after solving this math puzzle. Level 1: Ages 4-6 Math skills:  Addition and subtraction within 20 Adding coins Addition and subtraction words (more than, less than) Introduction to multiplication (groups of)...

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Camp Theme Mini-Treasure Hunt (Free Printable)

This week we have a camping themed printable mini-treasure hunt for your kids! The joy of summer camping inspired us to create this mini-treasure hunt for our kids to solve.  If you are stuck at home and unable to go on a camping trip, this game will bring the joy of camping to your home.  This puzzle game is very low prep and easy for parents to set up. Hopefully, it will take your little brainiac a little while to complete so you can enjoy a quiet cup of coffee. This is a treasure hunt, so be prepared to hide a little treasure or prize in a PILLOWCASE.  DOWNLOAD THE FREE PRINTABLE CAMPING MINI-TREASURE HUNT Check out this Mini-Treasure Hunt This printable mini-treasure hunt is...

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Got a perfectionist child? Try these 5 tips!

Having a perfectionist child can be challenging. Perfectionists can be quick to get frustrated. They sometimes give up if they can't do something "just right." And even worse, they don't try at all because they are afraid they might make a mistake. Wanting to do your best is good, but striving to be "perfect" is unrealistic. Being a perfectionist can hinder a child's advancement and lead to anxiety. Today, we want to share tips to help your perfectionist child. It takes time. It’s is something that we work on daily with our son (and I know it’s because both his father and I are perfectionists, too). However, I’m happy to let you know that you can help your child deal with perfectionism. Don't expect it to go away,...

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Free Printable mini-treasure hunt for kids!

We've been getting such great feedback on our mini-treasure hunts for kids! We are so happy you like them! Here is another free mini treasure hunt that will bring some fun to hanging at home! Our mini-treasure hunts are easy to set up, kids love doing them, and they get kids off screens and moving around.  To access this free treasure hunt and 4 others, sign up below.   Set-Up Cut out the six words and hide them separately. The kids will find the words and then put them together in the right order to read, "Look where we wash the dishes." We hide each word in a plastic egg. I like to put these in plastic eggs to make them...

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