Unique escape game party idea for tweens: Mystery Mansion

Greetings, adventurers and puzzle enthusiasts! If you're a parent looking to plan a party for big kids or tweens, you're in the right place. We’re here to help you plan a unique escape game party with a Mystery Mansion theme.

Today, we're sharing ideas for a thrilling evening of puzzles, spooky decor, and delicious snacks that will make your tween's party unforgettable!

mysterious mansion living room

Creating a Haunting Atmosphere

First things first, let's transform your living room into a mysterious mansion. Dim the lights, light up some candles, play some eerie music, and let the mysterious ambiance set in.

Grab some old books and cover them with cobwebs. Cover furniture with sheets to create an old, vintage vibe.

Want an excuse to bust out your Halloween decorations? Now’s your chance. Scatter fake spiders and place skulls on tables.

If you’ve got a candelabra, that is an extra awesome touch. Just remember, our goal is to create chills, but we don’t want them up all night with nightmares. Keep it kid-friendly, folks! 

Pro tip: Go to a thrift store and get antique-style portraits or make framed silhouettes to hang on the walls. Because every mansion needs a touch of sophistication. We're shooting for 'Wednesday Addams chic.'

mystery mansion cupcakes


Mystery-Themed Snacks

One of our favorite escape game party ideas is to incorporate themed snacks. Here are a few ideas for a mysterious mansion:

  • Sleuth Sandwiches: Make simple sandwiches (crowd-pleasers like PB&J or Turkey and Cheese are easy and tasty). Cut them into shapes: Think bats, magnifying glasses, footprints, and question marks. 
  • Mysterious Meatballs: Meatballs are always a little mysterious…are these chicken or beef? Pour on a tangy sauce. It's a flavor puzzle, and your taste buds are the detectives.
  • Mysterious Mini Quiches: Bite-sized quiches with different fillings – who knows what’s inside?
  • Mystery Mini-Cupcakes: make cupcakes with a mystery filling inside.
  • Mysterious Elixir Mocktail: A splash of cranberry juice, sparkling water, and a hint of lime – it's the perfect potion to keep the party spirits high. 
  • Midnight Martini Mocktail: Sparkling water, cranberry juice, and a splash of lime. Refreshing and fun.

Blimey Box Adventure Home Escape Game Kit: Mysterious Mansion

Mysterious Mansion Escape Game

Picture this: a group of kids gathered around, anticipation in the air, ready to dive into the Mysterious Mansion Escape Game from our Adventure Home Escape Game Kit. Unlike your typical escape room, players are on a quest for secret hidden treasure, not just freedom from a room. The challenge? Solve codes, crack riddles, and unlock locks as if you're the real-life Indiana Jones – with fewer boulders chasing you, hopefully.

The treasure hunt culminates with players solving the final clue to find the location of the hidden key to unlock the wooden treasure chest. And what's a treasure without a little loot? We recommend filling the treasure chest with some fun little trinkets like:

  • key pendants
  • gemstone magnets
  • skull keychains
  • a coupon for ice cream sundaes 

When you buy our Home Escape Game Kit, we supply the treasure box, but you supply the loot. You can learn more about our exciting Mysterious Mansion Escape Game here.

Printable Home Escape Room Game for Kids: Mysterious Mansion Clues

Puzzling Clues and Thrilling Adventure

The Story: You've always questioned the stories about the empty house on the hill, rumored to be haunted. Recently, whispers about a hidden treasure have intrigued you. The last owner, a crazy old miser, supposedly protected his riches with locks and puzzles. Curiosity gets the best of you, and you decide to investigate. As you enter the mansion, you notice the door is slightly ajar, and everything inside is covered in dust, except for a small black box on the coffee table. It's locked with a 3-digit code. You also spot an old Grandfather clock with a message etched on its frame. Could these be clues to finding the treasure?

Ah, the heart of the matter: the puzzles. We've got sneak peeks into some of the brain-teasers from the Mysterious Mansion Escape Game:

🕰️The Grandfather Clock Clue: "What's the time?" becomes a treasure hunt in itself. Just remember to add two hours and 27 minutes to the clock's time to crack the code. No need to dust off your Sherlock Holmes cap; just some simple arithmetic will do the trick.

🔪Kitchen Grocery List Clue: It's not a true mystery without some decoding. Match letters to points, and you'll unlock a delicious solution to the culinary conundrum.

🔎Map Clue: Like cartographers on a quest, players piece together a map to reveal a hidden message. With a dash of decoder magic, they'll be on their way to treasure in no time.

Boys Sleepover party movie

Movie Magic: End the evening with a fun flick

After solving puzzles and munching on mystery-themed goodies, why not end the party with a movie? We've got some movie suggestions that align perfectly with the theme:

  • Clue (1985): A hilarious homage to the classic board game that takes place in – you guessed it – a mansion. Expect laughter, intrigue, and perhaps a candlestick or two.
  • The Addams Family (1991): Eccentricity meets eerie in this comedy where a quirky family resides in a creepy mansion. It's like having your sleepover guest list approved by Gomez and Morticia themselves.
  • Scooby-Doo" (2002): Join the Mystery Inc. gang as they unravel spooky happenings in a mansion. Bonus points if you have Scooby Snacks on the snack table!


Unlocking More Fun: Download the Escape Game Party Planning Guide for Parents

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An Epic Party Awaits

And there you have it, the recipe for an unforgettable escape game party idea: the Mysterious Mansion-themed evening. The lights may be dim, but the smiles will shine bright as your young adventurers decode clues, uncover hidden treasures, and feast on spooky snacks. It's not just a party; it's a memory-making party filled with laughter, friendship, and a touch of spooky magic.

Happy hosting, fearless parents, and may your party be an epic success! And if you're ready to embark on the Mysterious Mansion Escape Game. And don't forget to enhance your party game with our free Escape Game Party Planning Guide.