Themed Party Escape Games (ages 7-13)

A birthday party isn't complete without a Party Pack Escape Game Kit!

This exciting new game is perfect for kids and tweens ages 7-13. With 5 resettable locks and 3 themed escape games, it's sure to keep everyone entertained. Whether you're at a sleepover or throwing a birthday bash, the party games included with our Blimey Box Escape game kit are the perfect way to celebrate.

If you choose the Pirate Game, the kit arrives at your doorstep locked in a pirate treasure hunt-themed game. 

Players work together to solve the puzzles, find the secret codes, open the locks, and eventually find the key to unlock the treasure chest. 

It's the perfect activity for a family game night or an intimate birthday party.

So what are you waiting for? Unlock the fun of it all before swashbuckling pirates ruin everything by stealing your loot!

Blimey Box

Party Pack Escape Room Game Kit (Ages 7-13)