Themed Adventure Games (ages 7-13)

Welcome to Blimey Box Escape Games, where we provide an exciting and engaging way to spend quality time with your kids and tweens aged 7-13. Our Adventure Escape Kit is designed to keep your kids entertained and engaged with puzzles and games that stimulate their cognitive abilities.

Our kit comes with 5 resettable locks and 3 themed escape games that guarantee endless fun and excitement. The games are carefully crafted to provide challenges that are both fun and educational. Your kids will learn valuable problem-solving and teamwork skills while enjoying a unique gaming experience.

With our Adventure Escape Kit, you can take your gaming experience to the next level. When you receive your kit, it comes locked in a pirate treasure hunt-themed escape game. Your kids will love the thrill of working together to solve the pirate puzzles, find secret codes, and open locks to eventually unlock the treasure chest.

The Adventure Escape Kit is the perfect activity for family game nights, intimate birthday parties, or sleepovers. You'll love the look on your kid's faces as they celebrate their victories and cheer each other on.

Our games are designed to be challenging yet rewarding, and they're perfect for kids of all skill levels. Whether your kids are beginners or seasoned gamers, our Adventure Escape Kit offers something for everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your Adventure Escape Kit today and unlock a world of fun and adventure for your kids. Don't let those swashbuckling pirates steal your loot – get your Adventure Escape Kit today!

Blimey Box

Adventure Escape Kit for ages 7-13