Themed Adventure Games (ages 7-13)

Introducing Blimey Box Puzzle Games, an exciting Adventure Home Escape Kit for kids aged 7-13. With 5 resettable locks and 4 themed escape games, this kit guarantees endless fun and cognitive stimulation.

Our carefully crafted games provide a unique blend of entertainment and education, fostering problem-solving and teamwork skills in your kids. The Adventure Escape Kit takes gaming to the next level.

Designed for all skill levels, our games offer challenges and rewards for beginners and seasoned gamers alike. Order your Adventure Escape Kit today and embark on a world of fun and adventure with your kids. Don't let those pirates steal your loot—get your Adventure Escape Kit now!

Adventure Home Escape Game Kit for Kids (8-13) Blimey Box
Blimey Box

Adventure Home Escape Game Kit for Kids (8-13)

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