Camp Theme Mini-Treasure Hunt (Free Printable)

This week we have a camping themed printable mini-treasure hunt for your kids!

The joy of summer camping inspired us to create this mini-treasure hunt for our kids to solve. 

If you are stuck at home and unable to go on a camping trip, this game will bring the joy of camping to your home. 

Camping mini-treasure hunt for kids

This puzzle game is very low prep and easy for parents to set up. Hopefully, it will take your little brainiac a little while to complete so you can enjoy a quiet cup of coffee.

This is a treasure hunt, so be prepared to hide a little treasure or prize in a PILLOWCASE. 


Check out this Mini-Treasure Hunt

Camping themed activity

This printable mini-treasure hunt is a fun math problem-solving activity that will challenge your kids (ages 5-8) to think through a variety of math puzzles!

camping themed learning activity for kids

Kids cut out the letters at the bottom. Then they must place the solution on the correct box. The final result will spell out:

camping theme mini-treasure hunt


Once the message is decoded, kids must look under tables until they find the decoder key (which you have taped under a table).

camping theme activity


Once they decode the message at the bottom, kids will get the final clue: PILLOWCASE.

This is where you should hide the final treasure or a key to a treasure chest (inside a PILLOWCASE).



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