Christmas Algebra Activity

Happy Friday! If you are anything like us, you are still scrambling around to get ready for the holidays! They are coming fast and furious.
To buy you a little time, we have a Christmas Algebra Activity that will get your child thinking, problem-solving, and out of your hair! 
Christmas Algebra Activity


Weekly Targeted Skill: Algebra Problem Solving

This Holiday-themed algebra activity helps kids to look for patterns and to think flexibly about numbers.

If your child gets stuck, here are a couple of tips for helping him be successful with the picture algebra problems:
  1. Help them understand that the same pictures are worth the same amount (i.e. the candy canes all have the same value, the stockings all have the same value, and the poinsettias all have the same value, etc.)
  2. Once they solve the value of a picture, have them write it down. This will help them keep track of what each picture is worth as they go to solve the next problem.
  3. Ask questions: How did you figure out that was worth 4? If that is 4, what do you think that picture will be worth? How do you know? 
  4. Use concrete objects. Encourage your child to use concrete objects when solving the problems (erasers, jingle bells, Cheerios, etc. all work great for this). 


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