Egg Hunt Treasure Hunt (Free Printable)

If you are like us, you might not even know what day it is, however you're probably in desperate need of fun, screen-free, educational activities to entertain your kids! 

We are really excited to share our latest printable Treasure Hunt with you!

Jason worked hard to create it and we think your kids will love it! Bonus: it will keep them busy and thinking for a while (you're welcome)!

Grab a free sample clue puzzle from this Egg Hunt Treasure Hunt game.

Want to see our latest Treasure Hunt in action? Check out this video:

We made this one a little challenging, so even older kids will enjoy it, too!

Treasure Hunt Setup

We include Instructions and an Answer Key for setting up your treasure hunt.

Treasure Hunt Instructions and answer Key


Give your child the introduction clue. Hopefully, this will guide them to a mirror.

First Clue of the Treasure Hunt

Once kids solve the riddle they will go in search of the next clue on a mirror. That is where they will find this clue taped to a mirror.

Egg Clue 1: 

First egg clue for treasure hunt

Your child needs to use the mirror to read the clue in the reflection. This clue will lead them to their bed.

Egg Clue 2 for the treasure hunt


The clue and the first puzzle are hidden under the child's pillow. We put the clue cards in plastic eggs to make it more fun!

Egg Clue 2: 

Egg Clue 2

Inside each egg, they will find a riddle clue to read. Now they must solve the puzzle to decode the next clue.

They must solve the clue to the riddle, "What does the Easter Bunny like to do after a long day?" Once they solve it, they will see:

 Clue 2 Treasure Hunt


 Now, kids will need to go to a couch to find the Egg clue #3 and puzzle to solve. 

Clue 3 Treasure Hunt

We hid the clue and puzzle behind a couch cushion (so it took longer to find).

Egg Clue 3: 

Egg Clue 3

This maze puzzle reveals a secret message:

Clue 3 Treasure Hunt


The next clue is hidden in a closet. Clue #4 Puzzle is the free sample! Click here to download this free sample clue puzzle to try with your little one!

Clue 4 Treasure Hunt

Egg Clue 4:

Egg Clue 4


This next clue is tricky for kids to solve, but it is a FREE PRINTABLE to try. First, kids will unscramble the word answers at the bottom of the page. Next, they write the words into the correct places at the top. The final hint reads: Kitchen.

Clue 4 Treasure Hunt

Off to the kitchen to find the next hidden clue.

Clue 5 Treasure Hunt

Egg Clue 5: 

Egg Clue 5

This puzzle is tricky, too! Kids must find the hidden words and then use the circled letters (from left to right) to reveal the next clue: "Backyard."

 Clue 5 Treasure Hunt

When kids get to the backyard, they will find the final decoder puzzle.

Decoder puzzle treasure hunt

Kids must figure out (based on the decoder clues), where to tape the 5 egg clues. Once they do, they will solve the final puzzle to get the treasure. 

Decoder Puzzle Treasure Hunt

 Now they know to look in the shower (where we have hidden the final prize)!

Final Prize Treasure Hunt

We taped the final prize (which for Brewer was Family Movie Night and a Ring Pop) to the shower.

Brewer had a blast doing this treasure hunt and it took him almost an hour to complete. 

We hope you enjoy doing this treasure hunt with your own kids! 

To try the free sample puzzle, click here.


Want the entire treasure hunt? Buy it here!

Egg Hunt Treasure Hunt