Halloween Kindergarten Activity Pack (Free Printable)

I LOVE Halloween! It is fun to dress up and be silly for a night. To get in the Halloween mood (and practice math and reading, too), we have created a FREE printable Halloween kindergarten activity pack! With five math and reading activities for kids to solve! Download and print it for your kindergartner to start thinking and problem-solving with spooky kindergarten puzzle games.


Kids on Halloween

Our puzzle packs are best enjoyed using our Blimey Box Escape Game Kit (but it is not required). This kit goes with all our learning games and is the physical component to make our learning activities hands-on and crazy engaging. Kids love manipulating the locks and opening locked boxes and bag.

Targeted Learning Skills

The puzzles in the Halloween Kindergarten activity pack require kids to practice a variety of learning skills (such as counting, spatial awareness, and fine-motor development).

Additionally, not all tasks clearly indicate what the child is supposed to do to solve the problem. This is intentional. We want to teach children problem-solving skills thus we want them to think about how to figure out the problem, not tell them how to do it.

The goal is for children to learn to look at and analyze all the information. They should then make guesses as to what they are supposed to do. These are the leaps that we want our players to make.


Instructions Page

Every game has:

  • An instructions page
  • Lock answers
  • Step-by-step directions for setting up the game
  • Answer key

You do not need the game kit or locks to enjoy playing these puzzles, however, it does add an extra element of curiosity and excitement!

Task 1 - Kindergarten Counting Puzzle

Halloween counting activity

Task 1 is a 3-digit number lock game. This requires children to practice counting skills with 1-to-1 number correspondence.

Children must count each of the items and write the number on the line. Once they count all three groups of items they will have the code to unlock the first lock.

Task 2 - Kindergarten Math Maze

Now that your child has unlocked the first box, they will find the next three tasks inside waiting for them.

Additionally, inside the main box is a locked bag and a locked treasure chest. They must complete all three tasks in order to unlock the bag to get the final task that will give them the code to unlock the treasure chest.

Task 2 is a fun maze. Children must find the correct way through the maze. Once they know the way through the maze, they will have four numbers (in order) to unlock the four-digit number lock.

Task 3 - Kindergarten Phonics Puzzle

printable halloween phonics activity

This task focuses on phonics (beginning word sounds). Early readers need frequent opportunities to identify the beginning letter sounds in words. In this task, children must find the letter that the word starts with.

Once they have the beginning letters for each word, they will have the code to unlock the 5-digit letter lock.

Again, you’re not there to answer simple children’s puzzles. (We’re fairly certain you can do them)! Instead, you’re there to help your child learn problem-solving strategies.

Task 4 - Kindergarten Picture Matching Puzzle

Halloween number puzzle for kids

Task 4 is is a matching puzzle. Kids must find the letter that matches the picture in order to discover the secret code. Once your child solves this last puzzle, he should be able to unlock the bag.

Key Task - Kindergarten Picture Sudoku

Inside the locked bag is the Key Task. This task must be completed in order for the child to unlock the treasure box and get to the end treat. This needs to be completed correctly in order to be given access to the key. You can hide the key or simply give it to your child once they have completed the task.

Halloween sudoku puzzle for kids

This task is a simple sudoku puzzle, but with pictures, not numbers! It requires the child to cut out the pictures and place them in the appropriate spots in the puzzle in order to solve the puzzle and get the key. Cutting out the pieces offers some quick fine-motor skills practice.

The child must then use logical reasoning to place the pictures in the correct parts of the grid so that none of the pictures appear in the same column, row or box. If your child has never been exposed to Sudoku before, this might take some explaining. Eventually, you’ll see your child picks it up quickly.

Benefits to Blimey Box Educational Escape Games

Once your child completes all the tasks and unlocks all of the locks, he or she will receive a surprise or reward. This final treat motivates kids to keep going and helps kids to practice perseverance skills. Check out the Game Kit to see the complete experience.

Additionally, as children unlock each lock, they experience small successes which motivates them to keep going. Games usually contain tasks that are easier and some that are more difficult. The easier tasks boost confidence while the more difficult tasks challenge your child’s brain.

Blimey Box Escape games are designed and created by an elementary teacher and an attorney (who loved LSAT puzzles). Games are carefully created to give your child a fun, yet challenging learning experience (that is often addicting). Don’t get mad at us if your child is asking for these almost daily! You will find that your child is begging you to learn!

Go ahead and give it a try!




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