Money Secret Message Puzzle - Adding Coins

If you are looking for fun learning activities at home that don't take a lot of prep – we’ve got a math activity for you!

Our Math Secret Message Puzzle practices counting money amounts. Access the free download below.

Money secret message puzzle


Math Secret Message Puzzle – Money Amounts

When solving the puzzle, kids must add up the coins to find the total amounts.

They must cut out the letters and put the correct amount on each square.



The final result is a secret message that says: TURN YOUR PILLOW OVER

Although, we should warn you. After solving this secret message puzzle, your child will expect to find a prize.

Think of this as a mini-treasure hunt. They solve the puzzle, they get a clue where they can find a prize.


It doesn't have to be a big prize. In fact, for this secret message puzzle, we recommend money (a dollar bill, a quarter, or a few different coins).

It really doesn't matter the prize. Kids LOVE treasure hunts and solving puzzles to find a surprise! 

After working hard to solve this mystery math puzzle, you will want to reward your little one's effort!


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