Mini-Treasure Hunt for kids (Free Printable)

This week we have another printable treasure hunt for your kids!

Easy set-up for parents

This treasure hunt activity is low prep for parents and easy to set up (especially if you have leftover plastic Easter Eggs hanging around). 
Just cut out the treasure hunt clues and the decoder key and hide them around the house.
Treasure hunt clues for kids

Enjoy some free time while your kids:

  • Find the hidden treasure hunt clues and decoder key
  • Decode the secret message
  • Put the words in order to reveal the secret message, "Look where we keep the cups."
This is a mini-treasure hunt, so be prepared to hide a little treasure or prize wherever you keep the cups in your house.
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We hid a key in a plastic egg (where we keep our kids' cups) and they used the key to unlock the treasure chest.
treasure key hidden in cups
We used this treasure hunt game as a morning activity. We set it up for the kids the night before and when they woke up in the morning, they worked on it.
treasure box with clue
It was great because we got to sleep in and the kids had some problem-solving fun!
treasure hunt clues for kids

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