Screen-Free Activities for Learning Outside of the Classroom

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Not so long ago, many kids were drawn to screen time because it built some variety into their day. For kids who are studying virtually, however, screen time can practically define the day and, for them, some time apart from screens is probably growing pretty appealing. In addition to the endless computer or tablet time that kids are facing while studying from home, many kids are also struggling with learning in a virtual setting. That’s why Blimey Box has come up with this list of fun, educationally, and totally screen-free activities for your kiddo:


Observing Nature


If your kids are getting frazzled by the virtual school schedule, make sure they’re getting plenty of time outside. Time spent in nature is absolutely invaluable for children, and many don’t get nearly enough. In fact, some pediatricians are worried about rising cases of nature deficit disorder, a term used to describe a rise in childhood inactivity, low vitamin D levels, and weaker muscle tone that comes from too much time spent indoors.

 kids observing nature

To boost the educational aspect of outside time, encourage your kids to pay attention to the flora and fauna in your own backyard. No matter where you live, there are bound to be plants, bugs, and animals your kiddo can observe and learn about outside. They can even bring a notebook with them to jot down what they saw and start keeping track of local plants and wildlife.


Exploring Science


Many things are best learned with a hands-on approach, and this is especially true when it comes to basic scientific principles. There are a ton of fun backyard science experiments you can use to help your child develop a deeper understanding of the concepts they’re learning in school. Use their curriculum or interests to guide your backyard experiment plans.

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For example, if they’re studying volcanoes, the classic baking soda and vinegar experiment is an excellent way to bring the information to life. This will help them conceptualize what happens when pressure builds up and visualize lava flows, and even serve as an introduction to chemical reactions. Kids who are learning about density will have a great time dropping various household and yard objects into a wade pool or storage container full of water to compare what sinks and floats. Let them take the lead and get messy— they’ll have all the more fun for it.


Rainy Day Games


Can’t get outside? Never fear, there are a ton of screen-free ways to have a good time indoors, too. A house-bound day is the perfect opportunity to dive into one of Blimey Box’s game kits, for example. These give your kids a chance to flex their mental muscles and practice problem-solving skills, all while playing with a super fun puzzle along the way.

 Blimey Box Escape Game Kit

Indoor days are also a great opportunity to try some art projects. When it comes to indoor art projects, the first question is always how messy are you willing to get. If you’ve got to keep things neat and tidy, there are several low- and no-mess art projects out there. For example, check out this mess-free shaker painting project, which is perfect for kids as young as toddler-age!


If you have a garage, basement, or other space you don’t mind making a mess in, this egg paint project is a ton of fun. It has everything: Throwing stuff, big splashes, and a cool, abstract painting to hang up when you’re done. What more could a kid ask for, really?


Learning doesn’t have to be limited to the classroom. In fact, finding fun ways to connect with educational topics in a low-stress environment is one of the best ways to foster a lifelong love of learning. Provide plenty of opportunities to help your kids discover the true joy that learning can bring.

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Written by Laura Pearson from Edutude

Laura Pearson is passionate about teaching the younger generation. Edutude was built to share resources on how to keep children engaged and in love with learning.