Snowball Story Math Free Resource (CGI: Subtraction)

One of our New Year resolutions is to share more strategies for using Story Math (Cognitive Guided Instruction), along with brain puzzles, to get your kids problem-solving, thinking, and persevering! 

Today we have a Story Math free resource for you! CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE FREE RESOURCE.

Weekly Targeted Skill: Cognitive Guided Instruction (CGI Math)

Our Friday Freebie resource this week is a Story Math Activity for you to use with your child.

This one is fun because it is about a snowball fight (and my kid LOVES snowball fights).

I actually introduced this story problem by showing my son a clip from the Elf Movie (the infamous snowball fight scene).

I really like it because it shows Elf making a bunch of snowballs. You can check out the clip on YouTube HERE.

Also, I let my son use mini marshmallows to help him solve the problem. He LOVED it!

Remember, you know your child best. If the number choices are too easy, choose bigger numbers, if they are too difficult, choose smaller numbers.

That is the BEST part of a story math problem! It can be tailored to fit any math level!

Type of Story Math

This CGI style problem is what is called a Separate (Change Unknown).

  • The problem starts with a given amount (for instance 9 snowballs).
  • Then an unknown change occurs (he throws a bunch of snowballs).
  • Last, there is a given final result (2 snowballs left).

Your child must solve for the unknown change based on the given amount at the start and at the end.

In an equation, it might look like this: 9 - (some number) = 2


(Remember, never show your child the equation at the beginning of the problem.) 

After they finish solving the problem and explained how they solved it, you could show them how it looks in an equation. But please don't show them the equation at the beginning.

Hints and Tips for Solving a Story Math Problem:

Getting Started with Story mathGet the Free Story Math Resource

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