Spring Theme Math and Reading Game for Kids (Free Printable)

Spring is in full bloom and so it’s time to grab another free printable download!

Dude, sit back and check it out! Let’s take a deep dive into some of the skills you’ll find in our Spring theme brain game for kids.

Kindergarten prep spring game free printable download


Click the link to download the free Spring Escape Game for kids



Instructions Page

Every game has:

  • an instructions page
  • with the lock answers
  • step-by-step directions for setting up the game
  • an answer key.

The games are really fast to set up. We even have a video for each game to help walk you through the set-up.

(Don’t worry if initially, it takes you a little longer. You’ll be setting up games quickly once your child begins demanding “more boxes!”).


Task 1

Spring Theme Math and Reading Game Pre-K

Task 1 is a 3-digit number lock game. This requires children to practice 1-to-1 number correspondence with counting in a configuration.

(The Kindergarten Common Core Math Standards recommend students be able to count up to 20 items in a configuration - ie: a line or a rectangle. Children should be able to write all the numbers up to 20 as well).

Many of you will see that your child has difficulty initially understanding that twelve is represented as two separate digits (1 & 2) on the lock. If so, use it as an opportunity to ask questions and prod your child to the answer.

(“How many numbers make up the number twelve? Look at the bottom of the page, how many blank spaces are there? How could you fill all three spaces at the bottom of the page with only two numbers - ie: 12 and 8?).

Task 2

Spring Theme Math and Reading Game Pre-K

Task 2 is a simple Sudoku puzzle. It requires the child to cut out the pictures and place them in the appropriate spots in the puzzle in order to get the code.

Cutting out the pieces offers some quick fine-motor skills practice.

The child must then use logical reasoning to place the pictures in the correct parts of the grid so that none of the pictures appear in the same column, row or box.

If your child has never been exposed to Sudoku before, this might take some explaining. Eventually, you’ll see your child picks it up quickly.

Lastly, your child must read the numbers in each of the columns (left to right) to identify the numbers in the pieces he or she placed throughout the puzzle.

For a parent, this understanding of reading “left to right” is intuitive. However, some of you will find your child needs reminding when he or she can’t open the lock. And the more reminders, the better!


Task 3

Spring Theme Math and Reading Game Pre-K

This task focuses on beginning letter sounds.

Early readers need frequent opportunities to practice sounding out words.

Rather than just a simple worksheet though, the child gets the added excitement of using the letters to open the lock.

Certain sounds can be tricky (ie: c versus k), but the good thing is the lock will tell the child if he or she made a mistake.

(And the lock will often not include the letter that might otherwise trick the child in the examples we provide).

Be sure to use the “I did everything right, but the lock didn’t open,” complaint to have your child first review his or her answer with you.

If he or she is incorrect on what letter makes a particular sound for the word on the task, ask him or her about other letter sounds until he or she comes to the proper letter.

Again, you’re not there to answer simple children’s puzzles. (We’re fairly certain you can do them)!

Instead, you’re there to help your child come to the conclusion on his or her own.

Task 4

Task 4 is another addition problem with a twist. Unlike configuration counting discussed in Task 1, scattered counting presents an added element of difficulty.

Kindergarten students should be able to count up to 10 items in a scattered picture of this nature.

Upon adding up the animal pictures correctly to get the code, the child will be “in the bag” and almost to his or her reward!

Key Task

Spring Theme Math and Reading Game Pre-K

Finally, the last task is the Key Task. This task must be completed in order for the child to receive the key to open the final treasure box.

This needs to be completed correctly in order to be given access to the key. You can hide the key or simply give it to your child once they have completed the task.

I like to offer clues to locate the key like a word scramble (ABHT for BATH) or a hint such as “The key is where you sleep.”

Better yet, (and yes this works), I’ve told my son that I’ll give him the key once he cleans up his bedroom or the playroom. Try it for yourself!

This task is a tangram picture of a rabbit that the child must fill in using the cut-out shapes from the tangram puzzle.

These types of games help children with spatial awareness skills.

Again, if your child has never seen a tangram puzzle before, you may need to explain how the shapes can only fit into the puzzle the correct way.

After that, I imagine you’ll be surprised at how quickly your child gets up to speed all the while learning behind the scenes.


Benefits of Blimey Box Brain Games

Once your child completes all the tasks and unlocks all of the locks, he or she will receive a surprise or reward.

This final treat motivates kids to keep going and helps kids to practice perseverance skills.

Additionally, as children unlock each lock, they experience small successes which motivates them to keep going.

Games usually contain tasks that are easier and some that are more difficult. The easier tasks boost confidence while the more difficult tasks challenge your child’s brain.

Blimey Box Brain Games are designed and created by an elementary teacher and an attorney (who loved LSAT puzzles).

Games are carefully created to give your child a fun, yet challenging learning experience (that is often addicting).

Don’t get mad at us if your child is asking for these almost daily! You will find that your child is begging you to learn!

Go ahead and give it a try!



Watch the short video on how to set-up this hands-on educational game! Also, if you need help with how to set and re-set the locks, you can watch that HERE.