St. Patrick's Day Brain Game for kids

Here at the Ebert house, we are getting in the mood for March with this lucky St. Patrick's Day Brain Game!

Kids smiling

We love St. Patrick's Day (especially Jason since his middle name is Patrick)!

Also, there is something fun about leprechauns, 4-leaf clovers, and green beer (although there is no beer in this resource)!


Targeted Skills: Problem-solving, Addition, Subtraction, Patterning, Counting by 2's and Phonics 

This St. Patrick's Day game is a fun learning game that goes with our Blimey Box Lockbox Game Kit. The puzzles encourage kids to think flexibly and problem solve. 

If your child doesn't know how to begin, guide them with questions, but please don't tell them what they need to do!

Part of the game is having to figure it out!

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Task 1: Counting, Addition & Subtraction

counting addition and subtraction

First, kids counting each object, but then need to add or subtract them in order to find the secret 3-digit code.

Task 2: Counting by 2's

st. patrick's day counting by twos activity

To find the secret code, kids must first notice the pattern with the numbers on the objects. They should notice that they are in order counting by twos. They should figure out that the blanks are the missing numbers.

Task 3: Patterning

St. Patrick's Day Patterning Activity

Kids must determine the missing object based on the pattern. Then they will find the secret 5-Letter code.

Task 4: Phonics Beginning Sounds


First kids determine the beginning letter sound for each of the pictures. Next, they must find the number that goes with the letter. Finally, they must put the numbers in the correct order.

Key Task: Maze & Answer a Joke


Once they solve the maze, they get the answer to the joke!

I want this free game!

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