St. Patrick's Day Secret Message Puzzle for kids

Brew has been begging for more secret messages or mini-treasure hunt puzzles (that end with a prize), so we created a St. Patrick's lucky secret message to solve.

 Lucky Secret Message Puzzle for Kids

This activity does require you to hide something behind a "green object."

When your child solves the secret message, it reads: "Look behind a green object." 

Find something green in your house (plants work great) and hide a little prize behind it (coin, piece of chocolate, or whatever you want)!

It really doesn't matter the prize.

Kids LOVE treasure hunts and solving mystery puzzles to find a surprise! 

To download this secret message and 4 others, sign up below:

This Mystery Puzzle includes:

  • Counting
  • Addition & Subtraction
  • Place Value

Kids cut out the letters and match the number to the math problem.

When all the letters are placed in the correct spot, it spells out the secret message.

Perfect for kids ages 5-7 to practice their math skills.

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