St. Patrick's Day Printable Coding Activity

Time to get in the mood for St. Patrick's Day with this fun little leprechaun activity! Here is a screen-free coding activity for your little thinker!
Paper Coding
Coding is the method of giving instructions to perform a specific task. 
This unplugged paper coding activity has two different levels for kids to solve.

Level 1

Coding Level 1

Kids must find the right code to get the leprechaun to the pot of gold. Once kids discover the correct path, they will uncover a secret word: LUCKY.

Level 2

Coding Level 2

In the second level activity, kids find the right code to get the Leprechaun to the rainbow. Once they find the code that works, kids decode a secret message: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Why Coding rocks:

  • Kids practice trial and error (test Hypothesis)
  • Teaches kids problem-solving skills
  • A fun way to explore math


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