Lucky Shamrock Treasure Hunt

Now that we are homeschooling and confined to our house, we are in desperate need of fun learning activities for the kids! That's why we created this LUCKY SHAMROCK TREASURE HUNT.
It's time to get creative!
Jason was inspired last night and decided to create a St. Patrick's Day Treasure hunt. He literally JUST created it.
It is a treasure hunt that does NOT require a Blimey Box Locking Game Kit and it keeps kids busy, having fun, and learning for about 40 minutes.
 Check out pix from the hunt!
Treasure Hunt Introduction
Here is the Introduction clue that you give to your child. They must figure out where the first clue is hidden based on this clue.
Clue #1 Treasure Hunt
 Clue #1 is hidden by a toothbrush. This gives a hint to where the next clue is hidden.
Clue #2 Treasure Hunt
Clue #2 is on a tree. Inside the bag are letters to put in order to find out where the next clue is hidden.
Clue #2 Treasure Hunt
Clue #3 is hidden in the kitchen. Kids must decode the puzzle to find the next clue.
Treasure Hunt decoder message
Once it is solved, kids know that they must go and look for the next clue in the bedroom.
Clue #4 Treasure Hunt
Clue #4 is hidden in the bedroom. Kids work on some math skills to find the next message.
Secret Message Math decoder
Kids solve it to find out that leprechauns like to take baths!
Treasure Hunt
Clue #5 can be found in the shower. Kids must put all the shamrock clues in the correct order to reveal where the final treasure is hidden.
Treasure Hunt
Once they figure out the clue, kids will be on a mission looking under chairs!
Treasure Hunt
Our final treasure was a show and a piece of candy. A lot of work for our son, but he had a lot of fun!
We are all about making learning fun for kids. 

Academic Skills 


Kids can practice reading the clues (with help from mom or dad if needed).


  • Money
  • Tally Marks (counting by 5s)
  • Double-digit addition and subtraction

And More...

  • Problem-solving
  • Learning made fun!
Bonus: it covers lots of math skills (so it counts as your child's math work for the day). 
Print, cut, set up, and enjoy 40 minutes of your child solving a fun learning challenge!


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