Valentine's Day Escape Room Game

Today we are getting in the mood for candy hearts with our Valentine's Day Escape Room Game for Kindergarten and First-grade. 

Targeted Skills: Addition, Subtraction, reading words, sentence building, and punctuation

This Valentine's Day learning game encourages problem-solving with Kindergarten and First-Grade math and reading skills.

Many of the tasks require kids to use a variety of skills to solve the task. For instance, in our first task, kids practice counting objects in random order, addition, and subtraction skills.


Here is a quick overview of the 5 Tasks:

Addition and Subtraction task and sentence building task

Task 1: Addition & Subtraction 

Kids must count objects scattered about the task. Based on the object counted they must solve the given addition or subtraction problem. The sums and differences determine the secret 3-digit number code.

Task 2: Sentence Building 

Kids put words in order with correct punctuation. Once in order, the numbers by the words give the 4-digit number code. 

Reading and Algebra

Task 3: Reading Words 

Kids read Valentine Words and match them with pictures. The bold/underlined letters reveal the 5-Digit Letter code. 

I want this Free Valentine's Game.

Task 4: Algebra 

I love these! Such a great math strategy to practice. Kids figure out the value of each image based on the equations. The value of the image uncovers the secret 3-digit number code!

Secret message to decode

Task 5: Decode a Secret Message

Kids match images and solve addition and subtraction problems (focusing on tens). In order to get the key to unlock the treasure chest, they must decode the messages on the three candy hearts. 

Once kids complete the 5 Tasks, they win the game! Be sure to celebrate this accomplishment!


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What we're up to...

 It's been a good week, but we are looking forward to our long weekend! We're heading to the mountains and hoping for snow!

Let us know what you think of our Valentine's Day Game. If your smarty enjoys playing it, be sure to tag us @BlimeyBox on Instagram and Facebook and let us know!


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