Educational Escape Games (ages 5-9)

What are Educational Escape Games?

Our unique problem-solving games practice math skills based on grade-level standards.

Unlike traditional escape rooms, our games don't have a storyline or a time limit. Instead, kids get the freedom to solve puzzles at their own pace, and with piles to choose from, they won't get bored.

Educational escape games require some tricky thinking! Players are tasked with solving 5 different challenges to find secret codes. Each code opens a different lock and the final task unlocks the treasure chest. Unlock a unique learning experience that motivates even the most reluctant learners. 

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How the games work 

  1. Print a game from the Online Game Library
  2. Follow detailed directions to set up the puzzles with the lockbox game kit
  3. Players work independently or collaboratively, solving puzzles and opening locks until the final treasure is reached.


 What's included in the Learning Kit?

Game Levels


In a digital, instant gratification world, our games provide players an opportunity to learn academic and critical thinking skills through curiosity, intrigue, and a desire to persevere.

What to expect when the game arrives? 

Our Learning Kit arrives locked in an introductory game. This game is meant to be easy in order to teach players the method of the games. Once your child unlocks the box, they will be ready to try another game at their specific level.

When you purchase a Learning Game Kit, you will also get online access to our Educational Escape Game Library with over 130 printable games. Choose the right level for your child, print, and set up with the box. Now the learning adventure begins! Don't be surprised if they beg you for more!!

Check out our introductory game in action:

Blimey Box Escape Game Kits come with the hands-on locking escape game kit and unlimited access to over 135 learning escape games for kids ages 5-9.

Try free sample games.

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