Free Resources

At Blimey Box, we help parents create fun and memorable learning experiences for their kids. We strive to create activities that are more fun than video games and inspire kids to get off screens and build critical thinking skills.

Free Printable Resources:

Click Here to access our 5 Free Mini Treasure Hunt Puzzles. For kids ages 6-9.

Click Here to access our Printable Thinking Activities (including sample games from our Smart Puzzle Escape Game Kit). For kids ages 6-9

Free Escape Game Party Planning Guide for Parents:

We also create themed escape games for big kids (ages 8-13). We know it can be challenging to plan parties for big kids, so we created a guide to help parents plan an exciting Escape Game Party for their adventurous kids!

Click Here to access the Escape Game Party Planning Guide (with sample invitations, suggested themes, decor ideas, food and beverage recommendations, and activities that big kids will enjoy).

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