Puzzle Game Library (Printable Games for Kit)

Our LearningĀ Puzzle Game Library gives users access to over 130+ Math and Logic printable Escape Games (leveled for kids in Pre-K to Third Grade).

šŸ” How is the onlineĀ Printable Puzzle Game Library set up?

In our online library, printableĀ puzzle games are leveled by standard-based grade-level skills:

  • Get Ready for Kindergarten (12 games)
  • Kindergarten (30 games)
  • Get Ready for 1st Grade (12 games)
  • 1st grade (26 games)
  • Get Ready for 2nd Grade (10 games)
  • 2nd Grade (20 games)
  • Get Ready for 3rd Grade (10 games)
  • 3rd Grade (16 games)
  • With over 130+ learning escape games, it is perfect for summer learning or spiral review skill practice throughout the year.

šŸ”Ā  How to set up the LearningĀ Puzzle Games?

  1. Print a game from the Online Puzzle Game Library
  2. Follow detailed directions to set up the puzzles with theĀ Smart Puzzle game kit
  3. Players work independently or collaboratively, solving puzzles and opening locks until the final treasure is reached.
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