Day 1: Teach your child to be gritty

Day 1: Setup for success

Welcome to the 5-Day Challenge: How to Build Grit in your child! I am so excited you have decided to join me with this workshop! I'm going to help you teach your child grit, perseverance, resilience, and a growth mindset.

Let's get started!

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Day 1 Video

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Day 1: Getting Setup for Success

Be on the lookout each day for a new email with your daily task! Each email has a short video and a daily download to help you teach your child to be more gritty.

Watch the short videos each day (they are all under 4 minutes) and print out the Daily Download. These tools will help you inspire your child to become Gritty!

Download the first printable: Daily Download: Tips for a Successful Challenge. I share tips to help you (and your child) succeed with this challenge.