Day 3: Teach Your Child To Be Gritty

Day 3: Goal Setting and Creating a Plan

Today we are going to help your child set a goal. Together you will develop a plan about how they will reach their goal.

Day 3 Video

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  • First, have your child choose one thing from the Interest Brainstorm Page to focus on. Even though they may have a lot of interests/passions, we only want them to choose one to focus on right now.
  • Using their interest/passion as a guide, help them set a specific/attainable goal.

Attainable Goal

  • Don’t make this goal too big. We want this first goal to be something they will be able to achieve sooner rather than later. Small successes lead to greater confidence and a desire to want to keep going. If they choose a big goal, see if you can break it up into smaller goals.
  • For example, I want to learn to draw a car. I want to learn to tie my shoes. I want to learn to build a paper airplane. I want to get better at Karate.

Create a plan

  • Choose 3-4 steps your child will do to reach that goal
  • For example: I will watch YouTube videos on how to fold a paper airplane, I will practice folding airplanes for 5 minutes every day, I will keep trying even when it gets hard, I will get a paper airplane folding book).

Action Step: